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Laser Hair Treatment

Losing 50-100 strands of hair everyday is normal, but if you see clear bald patches or thinning of your hair then it is a sign of extensive hair fall. It should be treated at the right time or it could get worse and result in baldness or massive thinning. Your hair fall could be for any reason like – Heredity, stress, nutritional deficiency, hormonal changes or excessive hairstyling. Whatever may be the reason our dermatologists will study your hair fall pattern and make your hair fall stop after proper study and investigations. They also make a personalized treatment plan for every patient for their Hair Loss Treatment.

Mesotherapy is an alternative hair fall treatment for both men and women who get a visible thinning of hair on their scalp. The medical symptoms of you leading towards baldness are – Increasing Thinning of hair, patchy baldness and extreme hair fall. This prolonged treatment comprises of series of eight to twelve monthly injections that enhances the hair growth once the hair fall is stopped. Mesotheraphy basically starts to replace all the vitamins in your body that over the course of time your body had started to lose.

Mesotherapy has proven to be very effective treatment for re-growth of hair in men and women. A special cocktail of vitamins is made to boost the blood circulation in the scalp by Skin Plus that has the Best Hair Treatment Clinics in Delhi. The hair is naturally re grown from the scalp by providing the necessary nutrients for the hair follicles on the scalp. It may take around 4-6 months and you will have to take five sessions over this course to see visible results on your scalp. The time duration of the treatment may be prolonged depending on your severity of hair loss. You also need to adopt healthy lifestyle in order to get much better results in less time.


Skin Plus offers the Best Hair Transplant in Delhi where you can get back your lost hair through hair transplant from the back of your scalp which is considered to be the donor area to the front part that is accustomed to Hair Loss. Your Hair will be back looking more natural and radiant than ever before!