Myth About Laser Hair Removal – Side Effect and Benefits

Laser technology for removing unwanted hair is the most prominent treatment for expelling body hair for all time. The treatment is accessible in the entire corrective and dermatology centers the world over. It is an extremely well known treatment since it gives enduring outcomes and is not known to have highly unsafe reactions. In spite of its ubiquity, not many individuals know about how it functions. Likewise, individuals have frequently gone over by a ton of misinterpretations and myths related with this treatment.

Here are a portion of the normal myths related with laser technology for removing unwanted hair treatment:

1. Myth: It is extremely costly

Truth: In spite of the fact that the treatment is not modestly priced; it is unquestionably not very costly and can easily fit the financial plan of a great many people, even those with normal salary. Because of the focused way of the restorative business, there are numerous dermatology centers for laser hair treatment in Delhi like Skin Plus which offer laser hair removing medications at exceptionally reasonable rates. Some of these centers even enable the patients to pay the expenses in easy installments.

2. Myth: It must be performed only on a few sections of the body

Truth: Laser technology for removing unwanted hair treatment can be performed on any part of the body. With the assistance of this treatment, individuals can dispose of undesirable body hair from their cheeks, lips, jaws, ears, nose, temple, armpits, neck, legs and thighsetc. Indeed, it can likewise be utilized to remove pubic hair and it won’t make any harm to the pubic region.

3. Myth: It is an exceptionally agonizing procedure

Truth: The laser technology for removing unwanted hair treatment is positively not an extremely painful process. Doubtlessly, the patients do feel a specific level of uneasiness with a tingling sensation through the process. But, the uneasiness is of a low level and it is not known to make intense pain to the patients.

4. Myth: It exposes a person to harmful radiations

Truth: Hair removing lasers work on a particular wavelength of light and infrared radiations which make them in a non-harmful zone. In any case, most critical of all, the FDA wouldn’t endorse anything that discharges radiation and has a plausibility of hurting your skin.


1. Accuracy – Lasers can specifically target dull, coarse hair while leaving the encompassing skin undamaged.

2. Speed – Each beat of the laser takes very little time and can treat numerous hairs in the meantime. The laser can treat a complete hair zone in just a quarter of each second.

3. Consistency – Most patients have a permanent unwanted hair reduction after three to seven sessions.

Side effects:

Laser treatment as affirmed by FDAis only for permanently reducing hair growth and not removal. There may probably be some side effects which can go from tingling or swelling that will vanish following a couple days, to some of the more serious however uncommon reactions like skin discoloration, rankling, infection and burning.

As the laser is mainly to target melanin, individuals with dark hair (more melanin) have seen more positive results with the laser treatment than individuals with light colored hair. Skin Plus Clinic is renowned to give the best price for treatment of Laser technology for removing unwanted hair in Delhi.

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