Protect your Skin and Hair this Monsoon

With the storm blues hitting you all the time, you may be staying in the regular changes that keep you revived from time to time. It’s okay if once in a while you neglect your body care but it is not right if you neglect to deal with your well being and body for a long time. You just can’t set out to overlook the entire season. As you can discover recognizable changes in climate, making considerable strides would diminish your endeavors as the season proceeds.

Skin care tips:

There is significantly more to deal with your skin this rainstorm as the tiny dust particles effortlessly settle on your skin. They, in the end, harm the normal delicate and conditioned look your skin has. Here are a few tips to keep up your skin sound this monsoon:

• Make sure to use a cleanser free cleanser or face wash and a decent exfoliator to keep your skin wet constantly.

• A liquor free toner is recommended as the high stickiness could open up your pores. Toning is normally done for purifying.

• Most of the people quit utilizing sunscreen once the atmosphere turns cool. But, the fact is that you should proceed with it regardless of the season.

• Heavy cosmetics are a tremendous killer in the monsoon season. Thus, you should decide on water based cosmetics for a better result and a healthy skin this monsoon.

• Wash your lips around evening time and apply some milk based cream. Maintain a strategic distance from lipsticks particularly the dull shaded ones. You can also apply coconut oil if you find your lips patchy or chapped.

Hair Care Tips:

It is as imperative to deal with your hair fall treatment as you deal with your body. The best technique is to keep your hair health great by following some well being measures religiously:

• You should always shield your hair from downpours. The best way to do so is to carry a pocket umbrella in your tote every time you go out.

• As you reach home after a dusty outing, better wash your hair with gentle shampoos and let it dry naturally.

• Always apply shampoos in a tender way and remember to utilize a conditioner especially in this season after each wash.

• At evenings, knead your hair with warm coconut oil and massage your hair for the even circulation of oil on your scalp and hair.

• Replace those chemical laden shampoos sold in the market with something natural. You can make use of home grown items to make natural shampoos and conditioners to keep up the normal shiny look of the hair.

• Hair color is not a smart thought in the monsoon season as it takes long to wash your hair and also to dry it post washing. Keep it as basic as would be prudent.

• Beer is a decent conditioner. At first wash your hair with lager and following couple of minutes wash it off with cool water. This tip helps to add a characteristic gleam to your hair.

• Use of hair dryers however necessary, it is better proposed that you confine its utilization. You can rather decide on dry towels to dry out water from your hair.

Following these general skin and hair tips would help you to equip yourself well with the storm blues. Prepare to shine this monsoon season.

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