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Smile Lines

What are smile lines?

Smile lines or laugh lines are the lines that appear on both sides of the mouth when we smile. These lines run from the sides of the nose down to the corners of the mouth. It is obvious that smile lines will appear when one smiles and is not always an indicator of aging. Some people tend to have deeper laugh lines simply because they talk or laugh more than others or it runs in their family.

When these deep lines persist even when an individual is not laughing or smiling, the reason can be aging. Skin may lose elasticity due to aging and loss of collagen, and habits like smoking. The skin of the face loses elasticity gradually and sags because of which the cheeks slacken.

What causes laugh lines?

As the skin around the cheeks lose elasticity they fall and the nasolabial folds also collapse causing visible laugh lines. The loss of hyaluronic acid from skin makes it thin and dry because of which the skin becomes thin and crinkled. The absence of elastin and collagen, makes the skin lose and it no longer remains tight. All these changes normally happen due to aging.  This issue may not be seen only in women but men as well.

It is possible to stop laugh lines growing more prominent by taking god care of your skin. Using sunscreen helps and one may help the situation by quitting smoking. A good healthy diet that contains plenty of anti-oxidants and minerals is a good solution for countering aging process which in turn prevents laugh lines.

Smile lines treatment in Delhi under the supervision of qualified and experienced cosmetologists and plastic surgeons at Skin Plus.

Who are the right candidates for receiving treatment for smile lines?

People who are facing this problem because of aging can take treatment for a more permanent solution.

If their appearance is greatly affected by the deep smile lines.

There is considerable sagging and the cheeks are drooping.

If it is affecting their personal relationships.

Some people may find difficult to cope with aging signs and this may take toll on their self-confidence.


Best treatment for laugh lines in Delhi is available at Skin Plus to help you deal with smile lines. Our consultants can evaluate your condition and offer you advice about a suitable treatment plan in the light of your cosmetic goals.

We care for your well-being and want you to get the best outcomes from any type of treatment you receive in our clinic. That is why we take full note of your medical history and medications including vitamins and herbal supplements. If you are allergic to certain substances, your treatment plan may alter greatly. Keeping your best interest in mind, we consider all options including additional and alternative treatments.

The most common treatments for smile lines are different types of fillers that are quite popular. Juvederm or Restylane fillers are best if you are in the age group of 30-40 years.

Older patients between 40 and 60 can get better results with Botox and botulinum toxin is known to slow down the development of deeper lines and relaxes muscles around the mouth that lead to frown lines.

If you are 60 or above a more fruitful solution would be neck lift that will tighten lose skin and offer a more permanent answer to the problem. This may be integrated with laser treatment to eliminate fine lines.


The most important consideration while looking for smile lines treatment in Delhi is the reliability and trustworthiness of the service provider. You should be offered the best advice and treatment according to your age. At Skin Plus, we take due care of your needs and offer you the most suitable treatment plan that is also easy on your pocket.


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