10 Highly Effective Treatments for Hair Loss

Worried about your thinning hair or losing hair at an early age? You are not alone. Studies have shown that more than 40% of men face the problem of hair loss by the age of 35 years. If you are one of those, you may want to take preventive and corrective measures to avoid hair loss. Here are 10 highly effective treatments for hair loss that will help you dodge that baldy look which you have been heading to.

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  • Iron intake needs to be increased

Iron is an essential mineral for growth of hair. If the body is deprived of iron, that could cause the hair to fall weak and eventually fall out. Try taking food that is rich in iron. Spinach, meat, oysters and other sea foods, beans, dried fruits like apricots or raisins are good sources of iron. Taking iron supplement tablets is also an option.

  • Increase the protein intake

Hair strands are made of protein. Thus, if the body falls short of protein it will not be able to supply the required amounts to the hair strands, causing the hair to break and fall. Foods like dairy products, lean meat, eggs, fish, beans and legumes are wonderful sources of protein and should be taken as much as possible.

  • Do no shampoo the hair too often

There is a belief that regular shampooing of hair keeps them healthy. It is just the other way round. By shampooing regularly, you are actually weakening your hairs as they would lose their natural oils and become dry and brittle.

  • Get the hair trimmed

Regular trimming of hair helps in getting rid of split and damaged ends. This helps in keeping the hair from getting further damaged and encourages healthy growth of the hair strands. If haircuts are not possible always, trimming should be done at regular intervals.

  • Avoid using hair products with chemicals

Even though the TV commercials may claim them to be the safest hair care products, the fact is that these products contain a lot of chemicals which are harmful for the health of the hair. Using hair products with herbal ingredients is better as that will take true care of the hair and keep them healthy and stop them from falling off.

  • Get your scalp checked

Poor skin condition of the scalp could be a major cause behind hair thinning or loss of hair. To treat the hair loss problem, you should also get the scalp checked and treated for any skin infection. A reliable dermatologist at reputed hair treatment clinics in Delhi or your city can carry out this diagnosis most effectively.

  • Use right dosage of hair fall treatment medicines

These days many hair treatment medicines are sold over the counter. It is important that you learn about the right dosage of these medicines before using them. Excessive application of these medicines could actually aggravate the problem of hair loss further.

  • Try home remedies

There are many home remedies that offer good hair fall treatment. Application of mixture of egg and olive oil, onion juice, coconut milk, Indian gooseberry extracts, Aloe Vera Juice are some of the remedies that can be tried at home to stop and reverse the hair thinning and hair loss problems.

  • Get hair transplantation done

If you have had enough hair fall already, a hair loss treatment in Delhi or your city may not be able to rejuvenate the lost hair. In such a scenario, getting a hair transplantation done by one of the reliable hair treatment clinics in Delhi could be a smart thing to do.

  • Get professional treatment

There are many hair treatment clinics in Delhi and other parts of the country that specialize in hair fall treatment in Delhi or wherever they are. Getting the hair treated at these clinics could be a nice idea as they will be able to understand the root cause behind the falling hair and provide a complete cure for the problem.

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