10 Simple Ways to Lose Belly Fat

Losing belly fat is very much possible and simple when you try the right method. There are various ways to lose fat, and sometimes a combination of the methods helps a lot in getting effective fat reduction across belly and waistline. But these all needs enough dedication, routine work, and control over temptations for the person implementing the techniques. Here go the 10 simple methods to lose belly fat.


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  • Stop the intake empty calories. Empty calories refer to sugar, chocolates, sweeteners, which have no other nutritional value in them, and just the starch to give instant energy. These forms of carbohydrates do not get used up in body, and rather get converted to fat and pile up as another layer below existing fat layers.
  • Increase your protein intake. Protein helps build lean muscle mass only, and to digest a unit of protein 4 calories of fat gets burnt.
  • Drink lots of water, especially before your meals, drink a glass of water to fill up the stomach and east lesser.
  • Lemon is a great fat burner. Mix fresh lemon juice with lukewarm water and take every morning in empty stomach
  • Eat fiber rich food which can help keep the stomach full for longer time without giving you higher calories, and also cleanses the colon and gives a clean bowel everyday.
  • Stop eating processed food containing high calories and high sodium. All processed food contains higher sodium in preservatives which affect the kidney resulting in water retention while nullifying other fat reduction efforts.
  • Exercising every day helps a lot in burning excess calories. Daily exercising is highly effective. Strength training helps burn belly fat faster.
  • Avoid long gaps between meals. The more irregular you eat and bring in gaps the slower goes your body metabolism thus converting calories into fat.
  • Cardio exercises are a good for overall fat reduction, and also never let the fat come back.
  • Simple changes in lifestyle like avoiding junk food, sleeping at least 6 hours, stopping smoking and drinking, avoiding work life imbalance and stress are some other factors that helps you keep fat from piling up.

Going through all these steps may not be possible for everyone those who are looking for a body shaping treatment. Lifestyle, health, body fitness, age, other medical conditions etc may not permit all. A breastfeeding mom who just gave birth to the baby may never do proper dieting. An aging person with low bone density and other problems may not do exercising as desired. But a tummy tuck operation is for all ages, both men and women. It helps reduce belly fat and tone the muscles while giving a flat abs. Tummy tuck in Delhi is possible through experienced professionals practicing in clinics.

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