5 Ways To Lose Weight Before Your Wedding

Are you planning to get married next month? Have you recently gained a lot of weight due to your sedentary lifestyle? Do you want to reduce few kilos to fit into your favorite wedding dress? Well, last moment weight loss can be difficult but you can manage it if you follow some of the effective golden rules of losing weight quickly. Below, we are going to discuss some of the best ways of reducing weight quickly within 30 days.

Select whole foods

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Include more vegetables and fruits in your regular diet; it will help you to lose weight easily and quickly. Green foods are known for being the powerhouse of nutrition and they can also reduce your calorie intake. Add low-carb veggies and lean protein in your diet, which include spinach, cabbage, broccoli etc.

Completely avoid the consumption of process junk foods

Food Items with Bad Fats

As we all know that junk food can increase our weight drastically because they are usually loaded with refined wheat, sugar and excessive fats. They lead to tremendous weight gain and also increase the risk of diabetes cardiovascular disease, obesity as well as other chronic health issues.

Reduce the portion sizes


Eat less at a regular interval – this place a very essential role when you are trying to reduce weight. We can always eat and drink something more than we planned to do. Eating in smaller dishes can keep a check on the portion sizes. Do not take a second serving. Portion control can reduce your temptation for excessive eating. Thus, it ultimately reduces your calorie intake

Increase daily activities

Weight Training

If you want to burn more calories than what you are consuming every day, it is needless to say that you have to find out ways for burning the calories you are taking in. Try to keep yourself active throughout the day, especially if you are not into regular exercising. After all, staying active throughout the day can actually help you with your weight loss regimen. Bring positive changes in your lifestyle like walking, using the stairs instead of lift, and going to the market for your regular grocery etc.

Don’t drink calories

As we all know that food induces calories in our body. Similarly, drinking beverages like soda or sweetened water can also increase your weight. They contain lot of calories, which can affect your body negatively. When consumed in an excess amount, they can also lead to disastrous effects on health. If you are really serious about your weight loss, avoid drinking sugary drinks completely. Instead, simply opt for the zero calorie water that can help to flush out the toxins present in your body.

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