5 Ways to Make Your Hair Look Shiny and Glossy in Summer!

All we want is shiny and glossy hair texture so that we appear beautiful. However, it is not really easy to get such hair texture, especially in summer. The UV ray of sun causes major damages to scalp as well as hair. If you spend a lot of time under the sun, you shall find that your hair has become sticky, fragile and non-shiny. What should you do to retain the natural sheen of your hair even in summer? You need to visit the best dermatologist in South Delhi for treatment of your scalp. Apart from consulting a physician, you can follow the tips that are mentioned below.

  1. Keep Your Hair Covered

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The Ultra Violate Light (UVL) emitted from sun has malicious impact on our body. If you stare directly at the sun, you may end up causing concern for your eyesight or vision. Your skin is also harmed due to the UV light. It can even lead to skin cancer and many other skin related complications. Scalp of our head is sensitive and exposure of scalp under UV rays could cause major damages. If scalp is damaged, hair texture will be damaged. Damaged hair roots will be the reasons behind fragile hair texture and severe hair fall. To protect your scalp, you must use cap or hat when you are walking under the sun. This will protect your hair from damages due to UV ray.

  1. Clean Your Hair Properly


Cleaning the hair is important and proper method of cleaning hair will rejuvenate the hair texture. For cleaning hair, you need to use good quality shampoo products. You should avoid chemical rich shampoo, as they leave harsh impact on your scalp. Using light and herbal shampoo is always recommended. For rinsing hair, hot water should not be used, as hot water causes hair damage as well as scalp dryness.

  1. Do Not Use Dryer Frequently

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Using hair dryer is a common thing, especially when you have long hair. Your long hair may take time to get dried. So, you commonly use the hair dryer. However, you are unknowingly causing damages to your scalp. You need to visit a professional and the best skin specialist in Gurgaon for treatment of your scalp. Skin Plus Clinic can provide you with the service of professional skin specialists who can recommend the best options for your skin.

  1. Drink a Lot of Water


In summer, your body loses a lot of water. Due to loss of water, your scalp as well as skin gets dried. In order to stay hydrated and to avoid scalp dryness, you should drink a lot of water. It is suggested that you should drink at least 4 liters of water daily. Apart from that you should eat summer fruits, like watermelon, mangoes, kiwis and many more to maintain good texture of hair and skin.

  1. Focus on Nutrition


Hair problems come from poor nutrition. If you are not focused on your eating habit, you shall end up losing hair abruptly. Summer will just act as a catalyst to damage your hair rapidly. So, you need balanced diet and proper nutrition to avoid hair damages. For more guidance, you should consult the Skin Plus Clinic, the best skin specialist in Delhi.

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