6 Essential monsoon care tips for healthy hair

When monsoon arrives, the surrounding becomes extremely beautiful and the nature starts dancing on its own tune. But don’t let the melody of monsoon damage the beauty of your hair. The high humid weather is the major reason which leads to hair fall. The chemical structure of the hair makes it ultra sensitive to the airborne hydrogen, therefore, forming special bonds.

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This is followed by swelling, unless the cuticle erupts to make your hair frizzy. But there are few tips I am going to share with you, which will actually help you to keep your hair healthy even in this high humid climatic condition. If you are having excessive hair fall, it is better to get go for a hair loss treatment in Gurgaon.


  • It is necessary to shampoo your hair at least 2 to 3 times every week to keep your sweaty and sticky scalp healthy as well as wash off the rain water, which is usually loaded with hazardous pollutants. We all know that delicate care that is demanded by your hair during the monsoon season, and so using a mild shampoo is always important, especially the one that comes with nutri-lock actives. It will help to nourish your hair as well as reduce the hair fall, which occurs due to damage. Take an appoint to get treatment for hair fall in Delhi

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  • Microfiber towel should be used to dry your hair because it quickly absorbs water and leads to a minimum level of friction between the towel and your hair. This will definitely reduce the hair fall to a certain extent.


  • Oiling your hair is necessary throughout the year because it nourishes your scalp with the required nutrition. Massage your scalp gently to avoid hair breakage. Oiling your hair minimum two times in a week is good, but avoids doing it often because your scalp is already oily owing to the humid weather.

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  • Accessories are easily available in the supermarket for hair. Hair bands, scarves are common hair accessories that help you to protect your valuable hair from the expensive moisture laden in the air. This will not only give a good appearance to your hair on the days when it does not look cool, but at the same time will also protect your it from damages.


  • Junk food leads to hair thinning and so it is advisable that you cut down the consumption of street foods and oily items. Cutting down on carbs is essential because they usually dehydrates the body, which leads to hair fall. Adding fresh vegetables and fruits to your diet accompanied by greens and whole grains as well as protein enriched foods will definitely tackle your hair fall during this rainy season. The importance of water cannot be underestimated at any point of time and so drinking minimum 8 to 12 glasses of water throughout the day is a must.

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  • It is essential to use a rich conditioner that can fight the freeze, which is caused due to rain showers. We often get drenched due to sudden rainfall, but it is not always possible to wash your hair immediately. The hazardous and toxic elements present in the rain water, damages the scalp. Using a good quality hair conditioner, especially the one which is formulated for tackling hair fall can actually help you. It is always better to use the one that come with nutria-lock elements because they help to lock in the moisture and protects and strengthen your hair against hair fall. When you apply a conditioner on your hair, make sure that you use a wide tooth comb for spreading the hair followed by rinsing with cold water to have that extra shine.


If you find that you are losing hair at a fast pace, then without delaying or taking further risk, simply look ahead for a treatment for hair loss in Delhi.

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