6 Surprising Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

In today’s modern world full of competition, you are 24 × 7 overtly occupied by some work or the other. You are all living a hectic life full of responsibilities and resultant stress, and ultimately one thing you don’t have is enough time. The lack of time is so deadly that you don’t even devote enough time to take care of your health. And as a result, sadly the millennial generation is experiencing mass obesity problems with majority of the youth being overweight and out of shape. But one important thing you might have observe nowadays is that even though many of the overweight people are trying to lose their extra pounds, they somehow aren’t succeeding in the goal and ironically some are even gaining a little more weight instead of losing any. As a result of this they might have to go searching for the Best Body Shaping Clinic in Delhi, as Delhi has the best options.

Losing Weight

However, you might be surprised to know a few things responsible for your stagnant weight loss regime. We’re listing 6 of the most surprising reasons behind your stagnant weight loss efforts. They include Sleep Deprivation, Excessive Stress, Over consciousness about eating healthy, Binging whilst thinking of future exercise plans, Long hours sitting at work and insufficient water intake.

Understanding the 6 Reasons in detail :

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  • Excessive Stress : If you suffer from Excessive stress and anxiety problems, they increase the level of hormone Cortisol in your body which is responsible for maintaining your metabolism balance. This disturbs your BMI and leads to fat accumulation.


  • Inadequate Water Intake : Water is responsible for almost all of your body processes like enzyme secretion, nutrient supply to cells, pumping of the heart, etc. and therefore drinking adequate water ensures a homeostasis position for your body. Inadequate water intake thus disturbs all your body metabolism and thereby affects your weight loss regime.


  • Binging habit due to constant thoughts of Future Exercise plans : Many people have the habit of futuristic thinking about their exercise plans. So they think of their next day’s workout plans very highly and end up compromising on their current day’s calorie intake. This leads to the deposit of excess unwanted calories.

Tummy tuck in Delhi

  • Over Consciously thinking about eating healthy foods only : If you are over conscious about eating only healthy foods, it encourages your body to produce hormone Ghrelin which is aka the “Hunger Hormone” in turn making you feel hungry even if you have had a meal recently. This puts on even more calories than otherwise normal meals would have.


  • Sleep Deprivation : Sleep Deprivation has the most intense effects on the hormones directly or indirectly responsible for your hunger control and metabolism. Insufficient sleep alters these hormones and gives you adverse obesity disorders.


  • Sitting for Long Hours at work even if you workout in any other part of the day : Many research studies have proved that sitting in a single position for even a few hours can have deadly effects on your health. This is because sitting for long hours reduces the secretion of enzyme Lipase which digests fat droplets in the intestine and inhibits the accumulation of fat in your body. So reduction in this enzyme leads to excessive fat deposit disorders.


Best Options for Body Shaping in Delhi :

Delhi has the best options for you to control your body weight or bring you back into lean shape if you are overweight. There are many alternatives like Tummy Tuck, Gastric Sleeve Surgery, Liposuction, etc. or else natural body shaping without any artificial treatments. Following are some of the best body shaping options that Delhi has on offer for you :

  • Natural Body Shaping Clinics : Delhi has probably the finest body shaping clinics which help you to reduce your weight and fat inches naturally with the help of science of the nature like Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturo-Therapy, etc.

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  • Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty : This process is a relatively new one to the world of body shaping. But it is actually irrelevant to you if your are looking to surgically remove your belly fat. Because this treatment aims at only removing your abdominal flesh and not the actual stubborn fat accumulated withing your visceral organs. You can find the best clinics for Tummy Tuck in Delhi.


  • Liposuction : This is yet another form of surgery which aims at removal of local fat from the organs like abdomen, buttocks, chin, neck, waist, etc. with the help of a powerful high pressure vacuum instrument known as cannula. It is more common in the western countries but it has several risks as well. You can find the best clinics for Liposuction in Delhi.

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