7 Proven Ways To Get Rid Of Dark Lips Naturally

Rosy lips are no doubt appealing and seductive for both women and men. Pink lips can definitely enhance the beauty and we all desire to have such luscious lips. Moreover, bewitching soft lips beautify the smile and also quite tempting. If you have darker lips, check out for some effective home remedies that can bring back your soft pink luscious lips.

black lips

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  • Almond oil


Using almond oil before going to bed can actually help you to lighten the shades of your lips.

  • Cucumber juice


If you apply cucumber juice on your lips regularly, it can easily lighten the dark lips.

  • Using lemon


You can apply a slice of lemon juice on your lips and massage gently for some time. Leave it overnight and you can witness the visible effects in no time. You need to continue this for 15 nights to see the effective results.

  • Tomato juice


You can also apply fresh tomato juice or simply cut a slice of tomato and message gently on the lips. Just leave it overnight and you can wash it off in the morning and see the results yourself. You also need to follow this for two weeks to get soft pink lips

  • Scrubbing your lips


You should scrub your lips at least once in 15 days and then moisturizer it with herbal lip balm or clarified butter. Actually, scrubbing your lips gently using soft bristle toothbrush can give you amazing results.

  • Lip mask

Turmeric Paste

  • You can prepare a lip mask using coconut milk, gram flour, water and turmeric. You can make this paste and let it dry. You need to use this just two times in a week and wash it off using lukewarm water.
  • You can also make another paste using fuller’s earth along with rose water. You can use it twice in a week and wash it using lukewarm water.
  • You can make lip mask using glycerin and orange peel powder. Massage this paste on your lips before going to bed at night and then wash it off in the morning for outstanding results.


  • Beetroot juice

Beetroot juice

You can apply squeezed beetroot juice or simply cut a slice of beetroot and then massage it gently on the lips. Do this before going to bed at night and you can see visible affects the next morning after washing it off using lukewarm water. Keep on repeating the process for minimum 15 nights to view outstanding results. To make the process faster and easier, you can check out with the best cosmetic clinic in Delhi.

What are the causes of dark lips?

dark lips

  • Allergies
  • Chemotherapy
  • Stress
  • Smoking
  • Aqua pigmentation
  • Chemical reactions using expired or cheap cosmetic products
  • Consumption of caffeinated beverages like coffee and tea
  • Too much exposure under sunlight

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