7 Smart Ways To Lose Weight Without Exercise

Are you disappointed since you can’t wear your favourite clothes because of weight gain? If you are nodding your heads as yes, then think about the weight loss and body toning treatment which are quiet popular nowadays. There are popular weight loss clinic and slimming centers in Delhi which will provide you with efficient treatments based on your body shape, weight, and your targeted areas.


There are different types of slimming programs conducted by the slimming centers in Delhi, for instance- cavilipo, multi polar RF, meso therapy, ultra sonic cavitations, electro lipolysis, thermo lipolysis, double chin. Here are some brief ideas that will help you to understand more about the treatments:

  • Cavilipo- in this treatment the excess fat from the body breaks down without damaging other parts of the body. This is new innovative one where both men and women can apply as this is the pain free treatment. If you are having pregnancy or any pace maker or any metal plate in your targeted area then you must consult with the doctors before having the treatment. The treatment is pain free as it transforms the fat into liquids and removes it from the body. To make the process effective you need to have good lymphatic system.


  • Multipolar RF- in this treatment the heat is projected on fat areas through different levels and it pierced through the skin to melt the fat. The heat is given to the targeted areas for 15-16 minutes. This treatment can be applied on back, buttock, legs, and abdomen areas. The treatment can contour the saggy areas and can look far better than before.

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  • Meso therapy- can be done by people from 18 to 70 years. You must be cautious if you are pregnant, having cancer treatments and prone to allergies then you must consult with the experienced doctors before taking the treatment. This treatment is better suited for weight loss, facial rejuvenation and body sculpturing. Since the process includes injection, the skin can feel irritation, pain, bruises and redness. But this can be cooled down with proper medication.


  • Ultra sonic cavitations- this is the new European curing process where the experts use ultra sound technique to burn the excess fats from the body into fatty acids. The good results can be seen after one session is completed. Maximum results can be visible after 10 sessions. The effectiveness in the treatment depends on the body size, fat density and metabolism.


  • Electro lipolysis- in the pain less process the fat in the cells is broken down and transferred into the muscular areas as a source of energy. This is not a surgical thing which will need anesthesia but a relaxing process which can be even done during the lunch.

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  • Thermo lipolysis- this is one of the fat reducing treatments where you can get benefits like, weight loss from 2 to 8 kgs, 6 to 20 inch inches loss, joint and muscle relaxation, detoxification and contouring of body and so on.


  • Double chin- it refers to the excess saggy skin around neck which can be reduced by exercises and better treatment.

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