8 Essential Winter Skincare Tips for Men

Gentlemen, as the popular saying goes, winter is here. And before you start getting your favorite winter wear out of the closet, hold on for a bit. It is time to take care of the only thing you wear all day every day, be it winter, summer or fall, your skin. It is the one thing you need to be comfortable and the one thing that is overlooked by men the most.

Winter Skincare Tips for Men

What is the problem?

The winter season brings along with it a mixture of conditions that harm the layers of the skin. The cold breeze of the season is notorious for robbing the skin of essential moistures and leaving it dry and sometimes patchy. Thus, here are some pointers to help you take care of your skin.

  • Mind the Shave routine: Just remember not to cheap out on razors and a shaving cream. A good shaving cream will not only help in protecting the skin but it also helps in keeping the skin moisturized. Similarly, a good razor that fits the grooves of your face and suits your skin will give you an entirely new and enhanced shaving experience as well as being friendly to your skin.


  • Water: The air in the months of winter is cold and dry which dries up the skin. This leads to problems such as chapped lips and dry as well as patchy skin. All this happens due to the skin not getting enough water. The important thing to remember here is to keep yourself hydrated so that the skin remains functioning and normal and provides it with a healthy glow.


  • For your sake gentlemen, Moisturize! : Maintaining the correct amount of moisture in your skin is really important and it helps your skin look smooth and suave. But during winter months, the skin dries up and the moisture disappears with the skin looking scruffy and scratched up. Therefore, it is essential for men to maintain a moisturizing routine.

If there is any kind of irritation on your face or dry skin and patches still prevail even after using moisturizer, then get in touch with the best dermatologist in Delhi. The experts can help you to understand your skin type, which is essential for the right kind of treatment.


  • Exfoliation: Just like summer months, it is equally important to exfoliate your skin during winter months as well. The layer of dead cells of the skin keeps accumulating year long and it is essential for you to get rid of those dead cells. Use products that are not too harsh on your skin.


  • SPF Protection: Yes you heard that right! It is a misconception that you only need SPF when stepping out in the summer sun. The winter sun might not be that strong but it can prove to be equally harmful.


  • Using Chapsticks: One of the things most affected by the harsh winters is your lips. Just using petroleum jelly sometimes may not do the trick. Instead, look for chapsticks or lip balms that contain moisturizing elements.


  • Seeking help: There are some skin ailments that are temperature sensitive which tends to worsen during winter months. Seek helps from specialists.

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