8 Skin Care Tips In Winters That Really Works

Winters demands special skin care. You can afford to stay careless for the rest of the year, but not during the cold winter months when the delicate facial skin, and other parts of the body skin gets dry, cracked and peeled. Why skin gets dry, and why it peels is important to understand. It’s because of loss of moisture mainly. Another big reason is the reduced secretion of the skin’s natural oils. Both the reasons combine, and when the loose soil, dirt and dust of winter air strikes the already dry skin surface, then it results in cracks and peels.

winter skin care tips

Hence, here are 8 important and necessary tips to follow, which you should try in winter to protect your skin from the weather damage.

  • Obviously the first step is to moisturize the skin very well. Moisturize well at least twice a day. It’s good to moisturize 3-4 times if possible. You need a thicker moisturizer than the ordinary summer moisturizer you use. Heavy in oils this would keep the skin coated well.


  • Cleansing is important through the year, but more than ever in winters. That’s because when the dust accumulates on the dry skin, the chances of getting big, sore, winter pimples get higher. The dry skin is pervaded by the pollution and dusts more, and there is not sufficient natural oil to protect the skin.


  • Sun screens are as important in winters as in scorching summers. When you apply sunscreen you actually protect the skin from the UV rays of the winter sun which often people neglect. The cold weather and air has got nothing to do with the UC rays, and these damaging harmful rays still come in with the sun. Hence, apply a sunscreen every time you get out in the sun in winter.


  • You tend to take hot water showers in the winter, and that’s natural. But it’s not good for the skin. The skin gets drier when you take hot water showers. Best is to use room temperature water or lukewarm water.


  • The use of humidifier is a smart way to combat dryness coming from the low humidity winter air. When you run a humidifier at home or office, you fill in the air with the much required humidity. As a result your sin is not sucked off the moisture, and you feel fresh and moisturized naturally.


  • Drink lots of water to replenish the water loss which happens through a winter day.


  • Scrubbing off the dry skin every 2 weeks is a bright idea in winter. It helps rejuvenate the generation of new skin layers, and the inner supple fresh skin which glows with natural health can come out.


  • Masking is also an ideal way to moisturize and hydrate your skin. Banana mask and strawberry mask are the best.


Besides following these must steps, you should also consult a skin care clinic in winter. This is a great way to keep the skin conditioned. Sometimes problem with dry winter skin may worsen, and instead of trying lotions and creams on your own, you should seek help of a dermatologist . A top rated and best skin specialist in Delhi is great to consult for skin problems arising from harsh cold weather.

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