A Dermatologist Guide To Winter Skin Care

It’s quite true that the cold weather is not much useful for the skin and all of a sudden you will feel your feet and hands like sandpaper. When it comes to winter care, you will get several advices from different people. But frankly speaking, most of the advice are not approved by the dermatologists.

winter skin care tips

In this post, we will discuss some genuine winter care tips that recommended by top dermatologists of the world.

Do not forget to use the sunscreen


It is a common myth that as the sun rays are not harsh during the winter season, so there is no need of applying sunscreen while going out. This is completely wrong because you should use sunscreen just like as you wish to do during the summer season. Of course, you can get the moisturizing sunscreen that can fight your endless battle with the dry skin problem or the zinc based cream that contains both photolyase and vitamin E.

Moisturizer should be at the top of your winter regimen list

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When the humidity drops, your skin needs a lot of moisture boosts. Moisturizing the skin is something to be stressed upon during the winter season due to the huge change in the weather condition. Not only your face needs moisturizing cream, your body also needs equal attention. Using a moisturizing body wash is a must to do in your winter care list.

Cleansing is a must but avoid drying up the screen too much

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Washing the face several times during the winter days can actually strip off the essential oil from the face, making the skin feel dry and dull. ‘Hydrating’ is the keyword we should focus upon when buying face cleanser for winter season. Non-soap cleanser is the best choice for winter use that can clean off the dirt without making the skin dry and itchy.

Always prefer an antioxidant serum

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Antioxidants are widely preferred because they work like fire extinguishers that can help to put out skin inflammation which is responsible for free radicals. They can actually help to brighten up your dull skin by simply blocking the abnormal pigmentation production. Antioxidant serum can actually help your skin in multiple ways.

Use natural products at home

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You can get every item you need for your skin care in the kitchen pantry. Purchasing beauty products from the market means you’re using chemicals on your skin, which is definitely a big NO -NO. For instance, if you are looking something for your irritated skin, nothing can be best than yoghurt, which contains vitamin E known for fighting inflammation.

Keep the scalp hydrated

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It is necessary to keep your scalp hydrated to avoid dandruff. There’s nothing worse than witnessing snowfall on your shoulders while wearing your favorite black t-shirt at work. For more such natural and valuable tips, you can get in touch with the best dermatologist in South Delhi.

Always keep a lip balm handy

Lip balm

Chapped lip is one of the major problems in life during the winter season, which can be taken care of with the application of a hydrating balm. Prefer to use a balm that contains almond oil, coconut oil, wheat germ oil, aloe vera, sunflower oil, coconut oil or cottonseed oil.

If you facing serious skin problem due to the harsh winter season, make sure that you visit the best skin specialist in Gurgaon for effective treatments. With the Best Skin Specialist in Delhi you can actually get your skin checked and end up finding the right treatments.

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