Alopecia Areata Treatment Process, Instructions and Recovery

There are lots of factors and causes that can contribute to hair loss. Alopecia Areata is one such condition that can cause this. It is a symptom in which your body’s immune system incorrectly attacks your hair follicles, causing them to appear weak and fall out. The damage to the hair follicles is not permanent, and 50% of people will see their hair grow back in the affected area, while the other 50% will need to undergo treatment to regain the lost hair. In some cases, the condition is permanent.

There is no known reason why the immune system attacks the hair follicles, but experts believe it is caused by an allergic chemical imbalance. The problem is exacerbated when the condition is inherited. It usually only affects patches. The affected area may begin to lose hair, whereas the surrounding area will have dense hair.


The doctors  might recommend you to wait a year before starting the treatments. This is because Alopecia Areata has a tendency to fade on its own and you can regrow your natural hair. However, if the hair does not regrow, you must seek treatment. The most common types of treatment are medications and drugs that promote hair growth. Certain chemical-based oils and solutions, such as minoxidil and anthralin, can be used.

In some cases, the medication is given as an injection to the scalp, which can be repeated after four to six weeks. Hair regrowth may appear three to four months after beginning the treatment. In some cases, the hair will be fragile, and your regrowth may fall short of expectations.

Individuals who are allergic to certain chemicals or drugs should avoid Alopecia Areata treatment. Also, if you choose injections, make sure you do not have any other medical conditions.

What are the post-treatment instructions?

Diet is the most significant change you must make, and your lifestyle may also change. You must limit your intake of certain foods and, in some cases, completely avoid others that may interfere with your treatment. Since the treatment is in the form of pills or oils, you must exercise caution to avoid side effects.

How long does it take to recover from treatment for alopecia areata?

During your treatment, you can resume your normal activities. These treatments would be given to you in the form of medications or oils and lotion. As a result, your normal work life would be unaffected. The end results of the medications may also be affected by the individual’s medical condition. After six months, the average visible results will appear.

Therefore, the treatment’s duration is determined by the individual’s medical condition. The condition may disappear in some people, but it may reappear after a short period of time, while in others, the hair growth may be permanent. Consult your doctor about any possible conditions you may have and the best treatment for them.

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