Anti Aging Treatment

The job of the anti aging treatments is not to stop the process of aging, and no science can do that. But the treatments of anti aging skin care in Delhi, which you get from us at Skin Plus, can slow the advancing symptoms of aging, and rejuvenate the cell regeneration process.

Several types of products, therapies and treatments have been crafted by man to keep the skin looking as new and fresh as possible, and you often try them at home.

Anti aging creams and serums

Creams and serums are the easiest to apply, they are available at most stores, and one can buy them from convenient locations or online, and try them at home. We suggest anti aging creams they contain antioxidants and retinoids. Retinoids help in inducing cell regeneration process, and helps the skin fight infections and germs. With time, and continued application of the ant aging creams, they show some results, and the skin looks improved. And at Skin Plus you get guidance on the best use of combination therapy where cream and therapies keep the skin at its best.


We also do Microdermabrasion, which is another process, where the skin is polished using a skin polishing cream which contains micro crystals. This chips off dead skin cells from the skin. Hence the underlying new skin comes out, and this triggers a cell renewal process thus making the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles less visible.

Chemical peels

The use of chemical peels in treating aging is one of our specialties. Acidic chemicals in monitored concentrations are applied on the skin like a face pack. This is made to sit on the skin for some time, and then washed off. With the peel, the superficial skin layer is taken off, and the inner skin layer gets exposed. This also works similar to microdermabrasion thus reducing hyperpigmentation, lines and wrinkles, dark spots etc, but works deeper.


Botox therapy is another invasive therapy where botox skin injections are given on the skin. The injection is pushed right under the epidermis to fill the skin underneath, and reduce the appearance of the lines or wrinkles above it. This smoothens and stretches the skin portion in a way that no lines are visible there. To enjoy the results you will have to get the botox injections again after the effects of the earlier ones start fading off.

Laser treatments

Laser therapy is handled by the best laser and skin experts at Skin Plus. The wrinkles on the skin are subjected to laser beams. This constricts the collagen fibers and blood vessel under the skin layer, and initiates a process of skin cell regeneration. With a few sessions of the non invasive procedure, the skin looks a lot fresh, lines disappear, and the face looks younger.

Availing anti aging treatment at Skin Plus

We are the anti aging clinic in Delhi, known not just for our reliable treatment pattern and satisfied customers, but for the best panel of cosmetologists and skin experts who are the best in their field and working at their prime. With Skin Plus you would believe how simple and affordable it is to get anti aging treatment in Delhi. The experts in the clinic will suggest you the right anti wrinkle treatment in Delhi that will suit you.

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