Beauty Tips that will Have You Ready for Valentine Day

With Valentine’s Day being round the corner, people are spending more and more time at beauty salons and looking for an appointment with the best cosmetic clinic in Delhi or wherever they live. The purpose is unanimous. 

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They want to be in their best looks this Valentine. If you have not started your preparations for V-day as of now, it is high time to get going.

Following the below tips will help you get decked up for Valentine’s Day without much effort.

Get manicure and pedicure

manicure and pedicure

Nails define the beauty of the fingers. It is thus very important that you undergo a session of manicure, where your nails would get trimmed neatly and given the best shapes. Applying pink or red polish on the nails is the perfectly traditional way to prepare for Valentine’s Day. If you want to be little bit experimental, you can try metallic shades or even nail art, but do not overdo the nails.

Get a glowing skin

glowing skin

Now this is something that will not happen overnight. If you had not been getting your skin treated with lotions and moisturizers all through the winter, finding the glow in the skin could be a difficult task. However, that does not mean that you would miss out on that perfect date this Valentine. For last minute recoveries, get in touch with the best skin specialist in Delhi or wherever you live and ask them for a complete makeover.

These beauty experts would know exactly what it takes to give your skin the shining glow that is required for a romantic evening on Valentine’s Day. Along with exfoliation, they would also treat your skin with a number of lotions that will give it a supple and smooth appearance.

Choose the hairstyle wisely

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If you have long hair, there is nothing better than curling them up. Good soft and bouncy curls not only give a good appearance, but also look romantic as well. If your hair is not curly the natural way, you can get that by using those curling irons. Up dos are ideal if you choose an elegant evening gown. They give a sultry appearance which is apt for a romantic evening of Valentine’s Day.

Be extra caring about your lips


The last thing that you would want your date to see is dry skin flakes coming off your lips on the evening of Valentine’s Day. To avoid getting into such an embarrassing situation, get rid of any dry skin that might be there on your lips. Use a pencil liner to define the outline of the lips and then apply the lipstick. After applying the first coat, blot it out with a tissue paper and then apply a second coat of the lipstick. Be bold while choosing the colour. As like the nail polish, you can choose bright pink, or red to be in sync with the special occasion. Make your lips look shiny with a touch of gloss on the lips.

The final touch


Use soft floral fragrance to bring the mesmerizing effect. In case you do not use perfumes much, try scented body oils to give a nice and subtle fragrance that will add more romanticism to the evening.

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