Benefits of chemical peel on face

Today, the skin is most vulnerable to be affected by problems because the outer skin portion is exposed to sunlight, air pollution, microbes, infections and various climatic factors that often prove detrimental for the skin. Each of these factors is responsible for creating some problems for the skin or the other and based on the kind of cause, the treatment of skin will also vary. However, a very common treatment of skin in order to bring back the original life in the skin cells includes chemical peel treatment. In fact, the chemical peel treatment in Delhi is one of the best skin treatments that offer extremely natural skin improvement techniques.

chemical peel treatment in delhi

Details of chemical peel treatment on face: The basic treatment of chemical peel on face involves enhancing the nature of the outer layer of the skin that gets damaged the most due to over exposure to adversities of the nature and germs. The step wise treatment procedures with the help of chemical peel in Delhi are:

  • Exfoliation of the outer skin layer by herbal chemical solutions comprising of trichloroacetic acid (TCA), hydroxyl acids or phenols. These chemicals help in augmenting the skin quality by removal of dead skin cells and removing dirt from the pores of the skin. This exfoliation procedure helps for curing mild skin problems effectively and without much trouble.


  • However, in certain extreme cases, when the severity of skin issues becomes very much problematic, the chemical peel treatment is accompanied by laser peeling that involves removal of the chemical peel with the help of laser therapy, botulinum rejuvenation or popularly known as Botox and dermal filters after getting appropriate consultation from the skin specialist or the dermatologist, who will prescribe any of the above-mentioned methods based on the gravity of skin issues.

Advantages of chemical feel treatment: The manifold benefits that the chemical peel treatment procedure has to offer are:

  • The main action served by chemical peel treatment on face is complete cleansing, which is sometimes followed by minor surgical steps done by the dermatologist by using appropriate amount of anesthesia.


  • Aging causes wrinkles and fine lines on the face that are also taken care of by chemical peel treatment on face.


  • Some somber skin issues such as sun spots, freckles, acnes, blotchiness, dark patches, uneven tone, etc. are removed due to effective chemical peel treatment on face.


  • Above all, the chemical peel treatment on face helps to regain the radiance of the skin along with skin color and texture.

chemical peel in delhi

The chemical peel treatment is preceded by a pre-peel treatment along with post treatment as well that involves use of herbal lotions and creams along with necessary surgical dressings for surgical wounds as well. Especially, the after-care treatments involve following certain skin care instructions with utmost sincerity and care. This is because, in case of improper treatment of skin, it can lead to side-effects such as tanning, burning sensation or swelling of the skin.

The chemical peel cost in Delhi is absolutely affordable by all and one can easily get a round of chemical peel treatment once in order to observe and feel the nature of change in the skin. Hurry Up Book Your Appointment

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