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Birth Marks

As the name itself, the marks that are present on your skin since your birth are called birth marks. Sometimes, over the years it may gradually disappear, but some birthmarks; however, stay for life. Usually birthmarks are not serious and you may think that they only concern your appearance but the fact is it may even increase your chance of skin cancer. Birthmarks of all types can be treated with laser birthmark removal which is extremely safe and painless. You can undergo the treatment once in 3-4 months and the recovery period is really fast.

Laser Treatment for birthmarks is done with a test patch initially. However, if the birthmark is very small then testing won’t be necessary. The aim of testing is to ensure that the skin is responding well to laser treatment. The test patch is the very first step and it’s done with few laser drops. The fact that the laser drops can be slightly uncomfortable so the area of birthmark is made numb using anesthetic cream. Once the treatment is completed it is crucial to cover the area with cold dressing to ensure comfort of the patients. After few weeks of the test patch, the doctors will examine your condition and go further with the treatment.

At skin plus, our center of attention is to cater medical services to you that meet all your needs and aspirations for perfect personality without flaws. We are proud to be one of the rare clinics that are driven towards quality result with personal care. We are leading in the industry in terms of –

  • Affordable packages
  • Best machinery in the world
  • High quality service

Our expertise in treating clients worldwide is for 25 gracious years and the response from our clients speaks volume about our work for all these years. Birthmark removal in Delhi is utmost phenomenal method to treat your birthmarks in the right way and with us you can always feel that you are in the right hands.

What are the types of birthmarks?

Before going for the treatment you must get some knowledge about what kind of birthmark you are going to deal with. There are 4 main categories into which birthmarks are divided. They are –

  • Vascular Malformations are the ones that are red in color and may look like a stain. They usually appear anywhere on the body but many times it may be right on your face where it becomes the center of attention.
  • Pigmentation kind of birthmarks are the ones that are coffee colored and look like irregular patches on arms, legs, neck or face.
  • Salmon Patches are the birthmarks that are light pink in color and can occur in infants very easily but over the years it may or may not disappear.
  • Strawberry birthmarks are the ones that occur due to too many blood vessels budging outwards and then the redness becomes very visible. Birthmark treatment in Delhi with Skin Plus ensures that no matter what type of birthmark you are struggling with you will always find a way with us to vanish it completely.


What is the period of recovery during birthmark laser treatment?

The healing process for the birthmark takes not more than a week. The color of the birthmark will get changed to purple and then it would fade away completely. If you face any swelling or any other discomfort than that is nothing to be worried about. Any sort of irritation is a depiction that the treatment is working on the skin and in few days that irritation will also leave you along with the birthmark. You are also advised to refrain from scratching on the area that is treated. Also, make sure you do not go into direct sunlight for few days. Along with these your doctor will advise you on many precautions and instructions that you must follow dedicatedly for best results.

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