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Breast And Abdominal Sagging

Breast lift is the best remedy when you are looking for a permanent solution for your sagging breasts to get a more firm and tighter look. This procedure is clinically known as Mastopexy and has gained popularity among women all over the world. It can give drooping breasts the needed firmness by reducing or rearranging the breast tissues and redefine their projections. A woman can enjoy a more attractive look with the help of breast lift.

What benefits can I derive from breast lift surgery in Delhi?

If you feel self-conscious about your sagging breasts this procedure can lift up the nipple-areola complex and offer you a more youthful appearance with well-defined cleavage.

In case your doctor feels breast lift may not be just enough to provide you with the proper contouring, breast augmentation can be integrated with this procedure. This procedure is exceptionally helpful for older women.

Stretched areola can be reduced in size while the extra skin can be removed for a proper lift. The surgeon will also move the nipple and areola to a higher position to address the problem of drooping breasts.

Breastfeeding is not affected if you want to get pregnant in the future. Our surgeons take special care on that front.

There are a variety of methods used for breast lift which can handle anything from minor to more severe conditions.


Our best breast lift clinic in Delhi have well-trained and experienced surgeons on board who will be able to tell you which procedure will be the most suitable for you. The operation is conducted under general anesthesia at our well-equipped surgical suite.

If you are in good condition, you can be discharged from hospital on the very day of the surgery. However, we recommend one day of hospital stay.

Abdominal Sagging in Delhi

You can get rid of abdominal sagging with Tummy tuck surgery or abdominoplasty. This procedure removes excess fat and loose skin while tightening the muscles present in the lower abdomen. If flat tummy is your dream, but you have always failed to get it despite diet and exercise, you can realize it through this procedure. Abdominoplasty is popular among women all over the world, especially, because it can help them get rid of stretch marks in the lower abdomen.

Why should I choose Abdominoplasty?

Flabby abdomen due to pregnancy, huge weight loss, or weak muscles can be easily dealt with this procedure. Patients can get improved body contour, and hence, feel more confident about their appearance after abdominoplasty.


When you come to our clinic, the consultant will try to understand your cosmetic goals and then evaluate your medical condition for deciding on a treatment plan.

Depending on your condition and requirements, the surgeon may recommend full abdominoplasty, mini abdominoplasty or extended or high lateral tension abdominoplasty.

However, you may also be recommended alternative and/ or additional treatments to help you achieve your cosmetic goals. You will be provided with pre-operative instructions and you can ask any questions related to the procedure.


We make sure your sound recovery by prescribing you the required medicines and the care needed post-surgery. Though the recovery time differs from patient to patient, but most patients heal within 1-2 months.

Both tummy tuck and abdominoplasty can offer you great results and give a great boost to your personality and confidence and this is possible with our surgeons who are well qualified and have the necessary experience. We assure best quality service and help you get the desired look with the right treatment plan that is most suitable for you at the best prices.


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