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Breast Implant/Reduction

Breast augmentation is also referred to as augmentation mammoplasty, breast implants or breast enlargement. This procedure helps women to get fuller and shapely breasts and is one of the most popular aesthetic surgery procedures. It restores the breast size with the help of silicone gel implants and saline implants. Sometimes fat transfer is also used.

When you should go for breast enlargement treatment in Delhi?

Some women feel their breasts are not in proportion with the rest of their body and desire a more appealing figure. Breast augmentation has a proven track record in providing women with desired results. They can easily get a more balanced and attractive figure with breast enhancement.

Due to small breasts some clothes do not fit well. Breast augmentation gives the breasts proper size and shape and women can flaunt a more attractive look in a wide variety of attire.

Breasts sagging due to pregnancy, aging and weight loss can hamper a woman’s confidence, but with this procedure the problem can be dealt most effectively. Also, the symmetry between two breasts can be restored easily if a woman has one breast smaller than the other.

Why is breast augmentation a better solution?

It is a long term solution for achieving a beautiful figure and confidence. Your breasts will remain firm and youthful despite aging or any other factor. We provide proper guidance and support to our patients with proper monitoring post-surgery.

The procedures and implants used in our clinic are approved by FDA and comply with the international standards. We recommend regular examination of your implants and proper monitoring of breast health to our patients after breast augmentation in Delhi.

What is breast reduction?

Breast reduction is aimed at reducing the breast size and reshaping the breasts to make them more proportionate with your figure. It also helps in reducing the heaviness of the breasts and overcoming the physical discomfort due to oversized breasts. Patients can derive dual benefit from this procedure- they can not only improve their appearance, but get rid of emotional burden caused due to big and heavy breasts.

When breast reduction is needed?

  • Women who have bigger breasts than what agrees with their body frame and also causes back pain.
  • When one breast is larger than the other one this procedure can help in bringing symmetry between the two breasts.
  • Heavy breast with nipples and areolas pointing downwards can be corrected for a tighter appearance.
  • If a woman feels self-conscious because of the large appearance of her breasts

The treatment for breast augmentation and breast reduction surgery in Delhi

We have the most experienced surgeons who have years of experience in breast augmentation and reduction surgery with proper qualification, training and certification. We always try to create a comfort level with our patients and try to understand your needs.

Our surgeons decide on the appropriate procedure and implant based on your body weight and figure, your existing breast size, your medical history and your breast enhancement goals. With the help of our experts you can be sure of achieving the optimal breast size that would be just perfect for you.

After care and recovery

  • We will help you with recovery with proper guidance and prescription of medicines.
  • In case of breast augmentation you will be advised to be tender with your breasts and avoid lifting heavy objects for at least one month. You may need to wear support bra and take certain precautions usually necessary for proper recovery after any surgery.
  • If you opt for breast reduction you have to follow all the instruction provided by the surgeon.
  • With proper care, healing is fast and patients experience full recovery is usually within 1-2 months’ time.


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