Bridal Skin Care Treatment

The bridal skin care treatment and its regimen are quite strict, and have to be completed within a short time. Normally many of the would-be brides do not care about their skin quality or how they look until the marriage is settled fully and date is fixed. It’s only then that it dawns upon some of them that they have no more time left. And they start running for help, getting consultations, skin treatments, etc to look their best on their wedding day. We know how you feel at this stage, and we are to help you with our full team of experts and advanced infrastructure at skin Plus, the leading pre bridal package expert in Delhi.

The aim of the bridal skin care package

Naturally the skin has to be made to look fairer, brighter, healthier, supple, soft and good, and that is what is expected from the beautician, cosmetologist or dermatologist. Hence bridal packages are generally short term packages, which may be for a few weeks or 2-3 months depending on how much time the bride can give in to the treatment before her wedding.

Options you may get

The market is filled with skin care products. You would get a lot to suit your budget, skin type, and application regimen. But we suggest that until you have a healthy skin to accept beauty packs and makeups, you must not invest on such products. The objective of our Skin Plus pre bridal package in Delhi is to make necessary corrections in skin, which is the best option before you try things on the skin and experiment with it.

The target of the pre bridal package

The objective of the pre bridal package is to hide scars, blemishes, dark spots, abnormal and uneven pigmentation, and to smoothen skin texture by tightening pores, reducing fine lines and revealing the healthy skin inside. In the process hurdles like pimples, acnes and cystic acne may come, and then these also have to be treated to give the skin it’s freshness to accept the bridal makeup. Only when the skin glows with health, it reaches the point of perfection to accept the bridal makeup.

How the bridal treatment is done

The bridal treatment is done in some systematic steps and they are as follows:

  • The skin is tested for skin type, sensitivity, allergies etc to decide the mode and steps of treatment.
  • If there are acne and pimples, then a treatment is run to remove them and the old scars from acne are also later removed.
  • If the skin is patchy and pigmented at places then treatment for pigmentation is done to reduce them and make the skin look even toned.
  • If the skin has fine lines and wrinkles, then those also need to be eliminated to make the skin look fuller, softer, smoother and tighter.
  • All these can be managed with treatments like photo facials, or chemical peels, or lasers or microdermabrasions etc. Depending on the age of the lady and the skin condition the mode of treatment is decided.

The outcome is bright and glowing skin, which would look great with any makeup and styling, on the wedding day. Not just the skin, but we give equal importance to hair also in the pre bridal treatment in Delhi. After our pre bridal beauty treatment in Delhi you would feel confident and healthy inside to display glowing skin and hair on your wedding day and through the occasion.

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