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Cheek/Chin Implant

Facial implants are necessary to augment certain facial characteristics such as cheeks and jawline. Patients may want to go through this procedure either for cosmetic reasons or to correct the anomalies caused by an earlier surgery on their face.  Skin Plus is one of the best chin implant surgery clinic in Delhi, where patients can expect the best treatment plans customized according to their needs.

Why Choose/ Cheek Implants?

Cheek and chin implants have several benefits and can help the right candidate to derive great results.

With chin implants a patient can get a prominent chin which will last for a lifetime. When a patient chooses the right place for Cheek implant surgery in Delhi, they can get fuller cheekbones that can give structure to the face and balance the other facial features for an attractive look.

Chin implants are available in multiple shapes and sizes, which make it possible for the patient to get the desired look easily. The patient can get a stronger facial profile that improves their facial profile greatly. Similarly, with cheek implants patients can hope to get mild to dramatic improvements.

Cheek/chin implants lessen the effect of aging and offers a more youthful look. It is true that patients having small chins are prone to developing earlier signs of aging. This procedure can bring youthfulness to their face

Patients with plump faces can find an effective solution with a cheek / chin implant. They can get high cheek bones and a well-defined chin. Extra fat can be eliminated with the help of liposuction.

Thinks to consider

As in case of all types of surgeries, one must be in good health to recover well. It is important to have a positive approach and be reasonable with the expectations.

We hold a consultation with the interested patients and evaluate if the patient is a good candidate for the procedure. Patient’s medical history and any past or existing dental problems are discussed. We also take into account any reconstructive or cosmetic surgery that you have had done in the past.

We always give utmost importance to the expectations of our patients, and try to understand what they are looking to achieve through the procedure. To guide our patients in the right direction we want to know what they want to change in their appearance, and why they want these changes. Do they plan to get other surgeries or cosmetic procedure done? These are vital questions which patients must answer to help us offer them the best treatment plan for the best outcome.

After examining all the aspects we suggest the patient a treatment plan together with alternative and additional procedures if needed.

The Facial Implant Procedure

Usually, no overnight stay is needed for facial implant surgeries. Duration of surgery will depend on the part of the face. The surgery may last for one to two hours.

At Skin Plus you can expect the best care and the finest results from cheek/chin implants in the presence Dr. D. M. Mahajan, who has more than 25 years of experience in dermatology, cosmetology and laser surgery.

We have top notch cosmetic technologies and treatments focused at the beauty needs of our patients. Our surgeons have wide experience and deep knowledge in the field, along with best training and needed certificates.


If a patient is considering only chin implant the cost would be lesser than what it would be for both cheek and chin implants.  Patients can expect to get the worth of their money with best Chin reduction surgery at Skin Plus. The same applies for cheek implant surgery as we have the best treatment plans at most competitive rates.


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