Chemical Peeling & Photo Facials

Chemical Peeling & Photo Facials

To reduce fine lines and wrinkles, make the face look fairer, and reduce redness and hyperpigmentation of the facial skin, two processes are recommended by us in Skin Plus. One procedure is called the photo facial. It has other names like Photo facial, IPL photo facial etc. The other procedure is chemical peeling. Both of these procedures can give you an improved complexion and reduced lines and wrinkles while some extra benefit varies with the process you choose among the two.

Chemical Peeling

Process– An acidic peeler mask is applied on the face. The job of the chemical is to peel off the skin layers from the top, and reveal the healthier lesser pigmented fresh layers from below. This process can be applied with increased or decreased intensity as per the extent of damage and pigmentation found on the skin. This is a good process to reduce sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and deep lines and wrinkles.

Returning to daily life– With light to medium chemical peels it may take you a day or two, and in milder cases a few hours or just that day to heal. Later you may join work, and carry on with daily chores. You would feel only mild discomfort like burning and tingling in the skin while the process is on. In case of deep peels it takes more time and care to heal the face and a few days to get back to work.

Photo Facial

Process– A mix of light beans with light waves of different wavelengths and intensities are used on the face. As a result the collagen fibers and the capillaries and blood vessels under the skin, right under the epidermis are affected and constricted. Many of the immobile hemoglobin pigments in the broken capillaries and other pigments in excess concentration absorb the light to break down. This shows the skin fairer with reduced pigmentation. Also the fine lines and wrinkles are reduced due to the constricted collagen bundles. The process is good in reducing redness and rosacea like problems of the skin and reducing fine lines.

Returning to daily life– You may easily get back to work the same day after the session. There is no waiting required, the results are immediate, and the skin doesn’t demands any apparent healing time.

Comparing the Two

While photo facial is good in treating hyperpigmentation and redness, chemical peeling in Delhi is effective in treating deep age lines. Both need precautions, and the skin gets photosensitive after the processes. We don’t recommend a woman a photo facial in pregnancy, or if she took Accutane in the last 6 months, or have connective tissue diseases or autoimmune diseases.


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