Difference between Cosmetic Facial and Medical Facial

When we pay visit to beauty spa or salon, we generally opt for facial services. So, facial is a common term for all of us. However, we lack enough insight on it. We lack enough knowledge on different facial services. Basically, at beauty salon, you shall find different kinds of facial packages. You may get silver facial or gold facial or different other packages. But, apart from these packages, facial can be broadly divided into two categories. One category is known as cosmetic facial and other type is known as medical facial. In the following section, difference between these two facial techniques shall be discussed. For more information on chemical peeling in Delhi, you need to find a good dermatology centre.

Difference between Cosmetic Facial and Medical Facial

Skin Pampering

Facial skin is sensitive and thus it needs to be pampered. With proper massaging, skin pores get opened up. As a result, oil beneath skin layer can easily come out. It enhances natural sheen or shine of skin beautifully. This is what you get when you opt for cosmetic facial service in salons. However, when you visit a dermatologist, you shall get different sorts of facial service which is known as medical facial. In this technique, more focus has been given to skin treatment rather than skin pampering. Due to dirt, pollutants and dust particles, skin pores get clogged. As a result, sebum oil cannot come out. This leads to skin issues, like acne, pimples, etc. Medical facial is dedicated to treat such skin conditions. It treats acne or pimple. At the same time, it deep cleanses skin pores so that clogging particles or pollutants can be wiped out.

Beautification and Rejuvenation of Skin

At spa or salon, you shall get cosmetic facial service which aims beautifying or rejuvenating your skin instantly. After undergoing such skin treatment, you shall note that glow or shine of your skin has increased. Though, this shine is temporary. If you are looking for attaining better facial skin texture and glow on long term basis, you should undergo medical facial treatment. Experienced dermatologist will analyze your skin first and then he will suggest treatment solutions through facial. The process will focus beautiful and rejuvenating your skin texture gradually for long term basis.

Treatment for Skin Issues

With cosmetic facial at salon or spa, you shall obtain limited skin treatment measures. With such facial solutions, you would not get relief against skin related issues, like rashes, allergies, acne, pimples, etc. But, with medical facial services, you can attain complete relief from these skin related problems. Not just instant relief, you shall get long term relief, if you follow guidelines of dermatologist religiously during and after treatment.

Process and Timing

Cosmetic facial is instant. Buyers can typically choose any facial package, as given by the salon or spa centre. Medical facial intends providing complete skin treatment. It includes a lot of tests or analysis before actually application of medications. Thus, it is an extensive procedure which includes a lot of steps. You need to attain such treatments from veteran dermatologists who are experienced with laser photo rejuvenation facial treatment.

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