Does Excessive Sweating Lead To Hair Loss?

Just like the skin of a body, the hair scalp also contains sebaceous gland which secretes sweat in order to cool down the body temperature. Hair loss due to sweating of the scalp is quite common. 

There are two ways in which sweating can lead to hair loss.

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A continuous humid condition of the hair scalp makes it completely ideal for the growth of bacteria and fungus that triggers hair fall automatically. The oil secreted by the sweat also attracts pollution and dirt from the hair, which in turn clogs the pores of the scalp. This leads to hair fall. Lactic acid is present in the sweat, which actually breaks down the outer layer of the hair therefore, harming the follicles of the hair over the time.

First of all, the lactic acid causes damage to the shafts of the hair, making them weak and brittle which causes hair fall. Inflammation of the hair follicles is another problem that arises from excessive sweating. This can directly impact the growth of hair because it limits the blood supply as well as the nutrients to the roots of the hair. So, if you are one of them who experience excessive hair sweating, then continue reading this blog.

If the excessive perspiration of the scalp can be controlled, then hair loss due to sweating can be easily managed without the need of any professional treatments. If you are treatment for hair fall in Delhi, then Skin Plus clinic is the best option.

Here, I am going to provide you with certain hair care tips which can help you to avoid excessive sweating.

How can you avoid hair loss due to sweating?

Prevent Hair Loss

  • During hot and humid weather condition it is advisable to wash your hair often in order to remove oil sweat and dirt


  • It is essential to use clean and cold water to wash your hair. Using a pH balanced shampoo is important when you wash your hair often because harsh chemical contains can damage your hair. Maintaining good hair hygiene during the summer season is a part of hair care. Always remember, frequent use of hot water or chemical adulterated shampoo can lead to itchy and dry scalp.


  • Do not tie your hair tightly. If you hit the gym regularly, then it is important that you tie your hair loosely so that they can get room to breathe.


  • Regularly brush your hair because it helps in increasing hair circulation as well as encourage the flow of blood to the scalp henceforth, increasing in hair growth.


  • Using a shampoo does not mean that you can get a clean scalp. Massage your scalp using natural oil. It will help in removing the accumulated dirt from the scalp.


  • We all know steaming helps in removing oil and sweat from the scalp, thus, opening the clog pores of the hair follicles.

If you want effective hair fall treatment in Gurgaon, then no other place can be better than Skin Plus. They have myriad range of hair solutions and their experts are highly professionals and experienced. They have already dealt with several such cases and know the various solutions available. Being leaders of the industry, they always keep on updating themselves about the latest solutions related to hair care problems. With hair fall treatment clinic in South Delhi you can expect recovery from all your hair related issues.

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