Dr. D M Mahajan


Dr. DM Mahajan

After completing the medical qualification of MD from Maulana Azad Medical College in Delhi, Dr. D M Mahajan served the Indian Leprologist and Venerologist Association of Dermatologists as the President in the year 1997.

Being a dynamic personality and highly qualified professional, Dr. Mahajan got several of opportunity from different countries but he shown his eagerness to serve India rather than moving abroad.

Today, Dr. D. M. Mahajan is a well known Dermatologist and Cutaneous surgeon.

He is a senior consultant dermatologist at Indraprstha Apollo Hospital, Delhi and founder chairman of the Skin Plus.

He is a pioneer in introducing aesthetic dermatology. His special areas of interest are in the non-invasive anti aging procedures e.g- BOTOX, fillers and Fractional laser.

He was the first one to use Botulinum Toxin type-A in Delhi and north India in year 1998. He is doing a commendable work in the field of Hair restoration and Cryolipolysis.

Dr. Mahajan has had a lot of media exposure and regularly does television shows, newspaper and magazine articles and is regularly quoted in the media.

Dr. Mahajan has received awards for credible work in her field from various organisations. Moreover, he is happy to inform that his clinic has become a leading destination for cosmetic skin care requirement in this nation and has gained a huge client base of over 10,000 across the globe.


Awards & Recognition—Member of International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology, USA

President of Indian Leprologist and Venerologist Association of Dermatologists, 1997 just 5years after MD.


Dr. Mahajan regularly participates in all the major National and International conferences in his specialty. He consults for skin care products and oral supplements and holds press conferences and gives talks regularly on various aspects of skin health. He is a research consultant with various cosmeceutical groups and advises them on new upcoming products.

Dr. Mahajan holds a firm belief through his extensive travels and experience that the secret of good skin is a combination of holistic medicines, healthy life-style and low non-impact cosmetic procedures.


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