Environment and Lifestyle Causes for Hair Loss!

Hair loss is a common problem among people due to several reasons. Most of the time, the reasons remain unknown and lack of proper diagnosis becomes the major issue behind hair fall. Lifestyle and environmental factors can affect hair follicles directly or make them sensitive to the damaging actions of androgens.

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If you are suffering from poor hair growth, frequent hair fall or hair thinning, it can be the early stages of the androgenetic alopecia. The best part is that hair loss can be easily connected with proper measures and hair growth is possible to be improved by addressing the non-androgenic factors. With hair loss treatment in Gurgaon you can always expect to get the best hair treatments available. Let’s find out how the environmental and lifestyle factors can lead to hair loss.

Cigarette smoke and air pollution

hair loss due to smoking

According to the research work carried out by the London’s School of Medicine in the year 2008, carcinogens and toxins present in the polluted air can actually interfere with the process of protein production within the human body. This can further stimulate the growth of hair. Similarly, several studies have concluded that regular smokers or chain cigarette smokers significantly suffered from hair loss in comparison to non-smokers.

Physiological or physical trauma

Hair is not continuously produced by the follicles; instead the process goes through the timed cycle of shedding and growth. Significant physical trauma like major surgery, accidental injury and crash diet that restricts the body from necessary protein can lead to the cycle disruption. It leads the follicles to stop the hair growth at once, and this condition is known as telogen effluvium hair loss. Long term stress and emotional trauma can also lead to changes in sleeping patterns and eating habits, heading to similar symptom.

Mineral deficiency, poor nutrition and lack of calories


Nutritional deficiencies lead to apoptosis of the cells present in hair follicles. Autophagy is known for playing a major role in providing nutrients during nutritional deficiency, metabolic stress and conditions like starvation. Autophagy is not forming a process of regulated destruction of the intracellular proteins as well as organelles by self-destruction to tide over the mineral amino acid and nutritional deficiencies.

Iron deficiency

Iron deficiency is really a major problem in most of the women and excessive dieting has resulted in frequent hair loss.

Stress and hormonal changes


Stress leads to hormonal changes in our body, which directly heads to hair fall. If you are emotionally drained, it can be viewed from your hair fall and poor hair growth. In the case of anorexia, emotionally drained patients can witness hair fall as the very initial symptom.

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