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What is facelift surgery?

Facelift surgery is the procedure that lifts sagging tissues of the face and offers a firm and more youthful appearance. You can literally turn back the clock with facelift surgery and look years younger.  Deep folds are smoothened; sagging or loose facial skin is removed and facial tissues are tightened allowing a patient to look younger and attractive.

Why opt for a facelift?

With aging the elasticity of the skin is lost and facial tissues also lose volume, causing deep wrinkles, loosening of the skin in the neck and jowls around the jawline. This is nothing unnatural, but some patients may not like this part of growing old. For them facelift offers a great solution offering a more youthful appearance.

It can help you feel younger, boost your confidence, especially when you don’t feel your age. Since, it can iron-out the wrinkles in your neck region you can be at greater ease when you choose your attires.

Some people feel aging is adversely affecting their personal relationships and career, facelift surgery helps them get the look they desire. It helps in getting rid of the dullness that is associated with aging and patients look energetic and healthy.

Best face lift surgery in Delhi

When you approach us, our consultants will offer you the best treatment plan according to your goals and facial features, taking into account the shape and size of your face. Depending on what will be the most suitable for you, the surgeon will decide on the procedure.

You might have heard about various procedures, but we would like to tell you that only our experience and learned surgeons will decide which treatment would be the best for you based on the elasticity of your skin and other health issues, and the same will be decided at the time of consultation.

We try our best to take the most sympathetic approach and create a comfort level with our patients. It is our intention to help you achieve the look you want through facelift surgery and the surgeon will take note of the improvements you would like.

Pictures will be taken and your face will be measured for medical record. We make use of computer imaging to help you understand the possible improvements. To help you make an informed decision we show you before and after pictures of cases similar to yours.


Aftercare and Recovery

After the procedure is completed, the surgeon at the best facelift treatment clinic in Delhi will guide you about the aftercare you require. You have to carefully follow post-operative instructions which include taking care of bandages, taking the medicines in prescribed doses, and all of a lifestyle as advised by your doctor during the recovery period.

Though, the recovery time will differ from patient to patient, but one can experience faster healing by religiously following doctor’s instructions and paying the scheduled visits post-surgery.

Facelift Laser Treatment in Delhi offers great benefits with availably of procedures that can take care of patients with wide range of aging conditions.  We can say the facelift surgery has no parallel when it comes to restoring a person’s youthful appearance. Our surgeons are having the best of training and wide experience and we endeavor to maintain the highest standards in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery. Make your decision based on quality and satisfaction levels you can achieve and not alone on the cost.


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