Filler treatment in South Delhi

Filler treatment in South Delhi, filler Injections is also called as facial fillers or dermal fillers, is a type of non-surgical treatment for plump thinning lips, cheekbones enhance, eyebrow lift, etc. The main aim of filler treatment is to make the person look younger. It is a short treatment and is done in less than an hour and requires no special maintenance after treatment medicationof filler surgery.

Precautions Before Dermal Fillers Injected

• Avoid taking blood-thinning medicines and supplements a couple of weeks before the treatment.
• Your surgeon will valuate your health condition and conduct lab test to ensure that you are healthy.
• Stop smoking a couple of weeks before the filler procedure.
• Keep yourself hydrated.
• Avoid threading , bleaching, waxing on the area to be treated from 3 days before the procedure.
• Avoid drink alcohol from 24 hours before the filler treatment.
• Stop using anti-aging products three days prior to the treatment.

Filler treatment in South Delhi, the filler injections can cost less and is done in less than 30 minutes. The result of this treatment lasts for 18-24 months. This type of treatment is also used as plumping and lifting cheeks, Volumizer, and other areas of your face. The result of this filler injection is temporary-lasting for a few months. This injection is also depends on what type of injection filler is used and in which area. The amount of administration of the filler completely depends on the depth of the wrinkle or skin. The exact result of this filler treatment can be identified by our surgeons.

Our professional surgeons of filler treatment in South Delhi will examine the area and the type of injection required; accordingly the filler treatment will be done. We communicate with our patients to know if they have a skin allergy or skin issues to avoid undergoing this treatment. During the consultation, our surgeon provide them with complete costing of the surgery.

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