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Freckles are the small spots on your sun exposed skin. They occur due to regular exposure to sun and the darkening of the pigmentation. Freckles are prominent in people with fair complexion be it men or women. Their color can be reddish, brownish or black. It is very important that you apply sunscreen when you go out in sun. With proper care it may suppress but if you want to remove it permanently then you can do so with Laser treatment for freckles like Photo facial rejuvenation or laser skin rejuvenation.

Understanding about freckles

Freckles are also called as ephellides. These are the small deposits that retain in the upper part of the skin which turn into pigments. Lot of young dynamic women shares their experience of facing obstacles in life due to this major flaw that stays quiet visible on face. Some go and take sun bath to turn into Greek goddesses but for some not so lucky ones, staying in the sun turns their skin into nothing close to classy tan but on the contrary it becomes very reddish and freckles arise loud and clear

How can one remove these freckles?

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The best way to treat unwanted freckles due to excessive sun exposure and skin damage is through laser. It is by far the best treatment for freckle removal. The process is to target the melanin in the skin that is the root cause of these freckles. Through laser light, some of the selective light passes through the pigment and is then absorbed completely. After this, the pigment breaks into tiny particles which naturally separate from your skin through the process of natural exfoliation.

What is the procedure for freckle removing like?

Laser freckles treatment in delhi

The entire treatment takes around 40 minutes and you might need 4 sitting or more depending on the condition of your freckles. Many patients have quoted that their 40 years of embarrassing situations got away in just 40 minutes. The treatment starts with proper face cleansing. Some pre treatment pictures will also be taken for your pursuit. Further, you shall be asked to keep your eyes closed as the treatment proceeds further to avoid any irritation. A thin cool gel will be applied to sooth your skin, to cool the temperature of your skin and then the laser lights are applied in series of pulses. After this your face shall be cleaned and sun scream will be applied. Now, you will be good to go home.

When will the result be visible on the skin?

Right after the treatment, you may notice that the color of your freckles is getting darker in the next few hours. Over the next coming weeks, the dark spots will slowly surface in with the skin and then will naturally fade off. This would no doubt be the best freckle removal treatment you can think of.

How often do you need the procedure?

laser treatment for freckles in delhi

The treatment must be carried out once in 10 days. Rest you can book the appointment as per your convenience as well but there must be a minimum gap of one week between the treatments. Laser treatment to remove freckles also needs maintenance treatment once in a year, so that anytime you feel like a tiny freckle coming back you must consult the dermatologist immediately.

How long does the result last?

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The result of the treatment on your skin depends on how much you care about your skin. Once the treatment is done, you need to be extra cautious about taking care of your skin. No matter how difficult, you must work hard for it to keep yourself freckle free!

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