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As a millennial, your life is full of ugly competition in the quest to be on the top of your game. You thus invest almost all of your daily time in taking efforts to be perfect at your respective work. But unfortunately, this is having a negative impact on your health. With the constantly growing menace of air pollution and your lack of awareness, the cases of skin problems are increasing day by day.


The intense pollutants and impurities present in today’s air easily affect most of our skins and we end up acquiring several skin diseases. One such major and most common skin disorder is Acne. Acne occurs as a result of abnormal excess oil secretion by the sebum gland on your face which in turn clog your facial pores and cause inflammation with redness which we commonly call acne or pimples. If you suffer from the extreme acne problem, you might get depressed as any other person suffering from acne gets. But you may feel relieved to know that Delhi has some of the finest options for acne. All you need to do is go for the best. Acne treatment in Delhi, the Skin plus clinic, and you’ll definitely find and ideal solution for you acne.

Types of Acne severity, Precautions and Treatment options in Delhi

Acne first starts in the form of a very small pointed skin like bump which, based on its colour is called as white or black head. This is the first stage of acne. The intensity of acne further goes on increasing due to the solidified sebum gland oil which combines with dead cells, dirt and bacteria to form small but apparent nodules which slowly start to swell. This is the moderate level of acne. But the major problematic situation is the one when these nodules are filled with pus forming big cysts which are extremely undesirable and painful in appearance as well as feeling. This is the final stage of acne and is also called as cystic acne.

You have seen the stages of acne above, so now you can figure out the precautions which you need to take. Let us list out a few of them:


  • Wash your face atleast twice a day with a proper cleansing agent like a medicated face wash. Avoid soap as it is irritating for your facial skin.
  • Avoid frequent junk food because research shows that acne is also related to your colon health. If you suffer from frequent digestion problems, especially constipation, then you are most likely to acquire acne. So avoid junk food.
  • If you sense the arrival of slightest of acne like consistency on your face, be reactive in your approach immediately. Stay optimum on hydration and maintain facial hygiene.

You have seen the levels of acne and the important precautions to take, but in case where you are already suffering from worst case of acne, you may easily feel defeated and loweryour self esteem. But instead, you can find best acne treatment clinic Skinplus in Delhi which provides guaranteed solution on acne. The treatment options include advanced facial cleansing with scrub and mask therapy, Cosmetic surgery, Laser treatment, antibiotics dosage, etc. All these are the finest acne treatment options and you can find them all in the Skinplus clinic, Delhi.

Acne Scars left post acne and their treatment in Delhi


Another major problem amongst acne affected people is that even if they get the desired results in the form of reducing acne and irritation, they still suffer from the stubborn scars left behind. These acne scars are quite visible and spoil your facial appearance even though you don’t have acne anymore. But if you are in Delhi, you need not worry at all. Skin plus clinic is the best option for acne scar treatment in Delhi which provide a face cleansing therapy, spots reducing ointments and also face packs. All these options are proven to give visible results in a short time period.

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