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A lot of people have different sorts of misconceptions regarding hair fall. Ageing is the main reason for hair fall or baldness. But, there could be many other reasons. At young age, people tend to lose hair rapidly. There could be various reasons behind that. Primarily, poor maintenance of the hair is a reason for hair loss. Lack of enough hygiene and use of harmful chemical based products for hair or scalp nourishment are considered as main reasons behind rapid hair fall. To prevent hair loss, different people would come with different suggestions. If you are seeking clinical treatment, you can undergo mesotherapy in Delhi.

mesotherapy for hair loss in Delhi

Can mesotherapy help to omit hair loss problem? Can it prevent from rapid hairball? Will you be able to hide your bald scalp with hair regeneration with mesotherapy? The answers are discussed in the following section of this piece of article.

An Introduction to Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy has been recognized as non-surgical treatment for prevention of hair loss. It comes with multiple homeopathic and pharmaceutical agents, plant extracts, anti-oxidants, vitamins and many more. For applying this treatment, the concept of ‘electroporation’ has been used. With this concept skin pores get opened up. As a result, that gives the chance of hair growth. This technique is applied on scalp and the extract has been put into the opened up skin pores. With the help of cooling system, the opened up pores are made closed so that dirt or other particles cannot enter and harm the scalp.

Time and Phases of Mesotherapy

best hair transplant clinic in Delhi

In order to deal with mesotherapy for hair loss in Delhi, patients need to fix a few appointments. The appointments are scheduled by the dermatologist. Generally, for non-needle mesotherapy, ten to twelve sittings are required. When the treatment is completed, patients have to observe the hair growth. If the hair growth is not satisfactory, then the dermatologist should be consulted once again. In most of the cases, treatment works. However, it is difficult to predict the actual effects or impacts of the treatment. For different people, it can have different impacts.

Precautions for the Patients

As mesotherapy cost in Delhi is not too high, people consider it as a viable way to deal with baldness or rapid hair fall. However, there are some negative aspects too. This treatment is not suitable to certain people who are found to have the following physical issues or conditions:

  • If you are affected with kidney or liver disease, it is not the best treatment for you.
  • Those, who have cardiac pacemaker, cannot undergo this treatment.
  • Pregnant women should not undergo mesotherapy during their pregnancy.

Benefits of Mesotherapy for Hair Gain

Prp for hair loss in delhi

Mesotherapy is popular for its two major benefits. The first and foremost thing is that it is a non-surgical process. There will not be any cuts or surgeries. The second benefit is the cost-effectiveness. It is way more affordable than various clinic hair regeneration processes, like laser hair growth and many more. So, if you are searching for painless and no bleeding technique for hair regeneration, mesotherapy is suggested to you.

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