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Hair Fall

Hair fall is normal. But, sometime hair fall may cross the normal limit of 50-100 strands per day and the rate of hair fall may exceed the rate of hair growth leading to thinning of hair and baldness. Patchy hair loss is another problem which is faced by many people. Both men and women can face this issue due to some or the other reason.

Hair thinning or baldness are indications of alopecia and can be caused due to a variety of reasons. Even though this issue is not gender specific, the problem is more common in men than women. Receding hairline and patchy hair loss is also seen commonly in men.

What are the causes of excessive hair loss or baldness?

There can be several reasons for hair loss, but till now no particular reason has been attributed to it. Here are some of the reasons because of which one can face the issue:


Usually, it is seen that people who have a family history of baldness also lose hair with age. The problem may appear with age, sometimes earlier, sometimes later in life. Clinically it is known as androgenetic alopecia and is marked by bald patches and receding hairline in men and in women it is indicated by thinning hair.

Dehydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone which is produced by the body naturally is also considered cause of baldness in men and it is believed that the age related hair loss is triggered by the action of this hormone.

Hormonal imbalance

Women may suffer from excessive hair loss during pregnancy, after childbirth and after menopause due to change in hormonal levels. Thyroid disorders can also lead to hair loss.


The scalp can get infected with ringworm causing scaly patches and excessive hair fall.

Autoimmune disorders

The body’s immune system may attack the hair follicles causing sudden hair loss. It is called Alopecia areata, which is marked by round bald patches on the scal

Stress and poor nutrition

Lack of sleep, stress, strain, mental tension and work pressure are considered as some of the common causes. Most people also do not pay attention to what they are eating and may miss on the important nutrients which are necessary for healthy hair growth on daily basis.


Who are the right candidates for the treatment?

If baldness is the cause of low self-confidence, one should go for hair fall treatment. Some people feel that their appearance is greatly affected due to thin hair; they can opt for this treatment for better looks.


We conduct test to understand the possible causes of hair loss. The test may include complete blood count,(CBC),iron level, vitamin B, thyroid function tests (TFT), scalp biopsy etc.

After evaluating the results, the trichologist at Skin Plus recommends a suitable treatment plan. With proper treatment plan and improved lifestyle most of the causes of hair fall can be curbed or controlled.

Since, every case is different the consultant will take a personalized approach and customize the hair fall treatment, according to the needs and requirements of the patient.

The patient can be recommended any of the following treatments at Skin Plus:

  1. Mesotherapy
  2. Hair Transplant

The consultant may also integrate various treatment options in the treatment plan for better outcomes on case to case basis.


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