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Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant gives you back not just your lost hair but your lost confidence! Hair transplant methods such as mini grafting, strip grafting, slip grafting etc are formulated to get the hair follicles to the area of the scalp that has become bald. This process works for a lifetime because the hair follicles are taken from the back of the head; this area is genetically resistant to baldness. You will surely see your confidence boosting to new horizons once you have the hair that you always dreamed about. This treatment gives natural looking permanent results which not only improves your overall personality but also enables natural hair growth.

How do you know you are having excessive hair fall?
Losing 50-100 strands of hair everyday is normal, but if you see clear bald patches or thinning of your hair then it is a sign of extensive hair fall. It should be treated at the right time or it could get worse and result in baldness or massive thinning. Your hair fall could be for any reason like – Heredity, stress, nutritional deficiency, hormonal changes or excessive hairstyling. Whatever may be the reason our dermatologists will study your hair fall pattern and make your hair fall stop after proper study and investigations. They also make a personalized treatment plan for every patient to give you best hair transplant in Delhi.

What is hair transplant cost in Delhi?
It is quite obvious that when it comes to deciding whether or not to go for the hair transplant procedure a major factor of decision making depends on the cost of the treatment. If you are looking for best hair transplant clinic in Delhi then you’re sure sort resort is Skin Plus. At skin plus, we give facilities that are internationally renowned and world class results at very reasonable prices. Hair transplant in Delhi costs are all handed over to your disposal before the treatment for your personnel discretion.

What are the techniques for the hair transplant in Delhi NCR?
Hair transplant nowadays is done by various hair extraction techniques by Follicular Unit-
Follicular Unit Transplant ( Also referred as FUT or Strip method)
Follicular Unit Extraction (Also called as FUE method)
In strip method, primarily a strip of skin is removed from the back of the head which is called as donor area with the aid of scalpel. The strip is then deviated into multiple grafts and placed in the required area.
FUE hair transplant in Delhi is a stitch less method of hair treatment that extracts hair follicles from the back of the head through micro punches and is then transferred to the effected bald area.

There are enormous advantages of FUE hair transplant Delhi treatment like-
• Very less recovery time
• No post treatment discomfort
• Look that is completely natural
• Hair that are evenly placed
• Extremely painless treatment
• No chance of scaring
• No chance of blood loss.

What are the steps undertaken for the FUE technique?
First and foremost the donor area is determined and then the a punch tool is used to make an incision. Once the incision is completed round the hair follicle then the hair is removed very carefully. In this area tiny red dot may appear but they will disappear in few days and along with it new hair will start growing back at the same place. The extracted hair is then grafted and is made set to be transplant. Extremely tiny size impressions are made on the scalp in the particular area where the hair follicle has to be transplanted. Also, a natural hairline is created, after which hair begins to grow there naturally within few days.


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