Harmful Side Effects Of Bikini Waxing

If you have not selected a good salon or clinic for bikini waxing then you are in danger of facing severe side effects. Do not take bikini waxing so lightly. It’s much complicated, and not as simple as waxing your armpits. Hence, you need very special care with this region. If you leave yourself in the hands of inexperienced beauticians then you may suffer many dangerous bikini waxing side effects. Some of the most common ones are discussed below.

bikini waxing side effects

Burns Due To Waxing

You can get burns due to waxing when the wax is too hot. This actually happens not because of your skin, but because of inexperienced hands. If the person waxing does not know how to keep the wax warm enough for the work, and yet cool enough not to burn the skin, then you are in trouble. You may get a sudden burn, and then a burn in the pubic zone can be dangerous and really irritating and painful.

Skin Peeling Due To Overheated Wax

If overheated wax is applied on the skin, the skin may not burn or scald off, but may peel off, and this can cause the skin to become very sensitive, and irritable. Clothes, your touch and even air passing over can irritate.

Ingrown Hair Problems

Ingrown hair is a result of bad waxing pattern. A pro waxing expert knows which way to wax and break the hair, and if this is done right, then you would get ingrown hair. And such hair growth in the private parts can cause enough itching, and irritation, feeling of pricking and problem. Since the skin here is soft and sensitive, the slightest of irritation can be problematic.

Infections In Skin

Due to faulty waxing methods, and for not being done with enough hygiene, you may get infections. Infections may start on the pubic part and then may spread to other parts of the body. This happens when the wax pulls the hair, and in the process small abrasions of the skin takes place which catches the nearby germs to get infected. If proper hygiene is maintained, this can be avoided totally.

Dry Skin And Irritation

Due to over waxing, and not taking care of the skin before and after waxing, the skin may get too dry, and extreme dryness can cause irritation. For these reasons the skin should be treated the right way. If you need to wax too often your waxing expert must take good care of the skin.

Considering all these problems with waxing many women have taken to laser hair removal from the private parts. It’s actually much better and safer option than tolerating all such horrible side effects of bikini waxing. Laser hair removal in Delhi doesn’t cost much these days, and this is kind of a permanent solution too the painful and recurrent waxing which invites in troubles. However to be sure you must find the best laser hair removal clinic in Delhi for safe bikini waxing in your budget.

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