How Many Calories You Should Eat At Lunch To Lose Weight?

Losing weight in the natural and healthy manner has to do a lot with managing your calorie intake. To get desirable results one should approach an expert who has thorough knowledge about diet and weight management. A Weight Loss Clinic and Slimming Center Delhi will guide you in the best manner to help get long lasting results.

Most people who want to lose weight start taking light lunch. Some people only eat just a plate of salad or fruits. But research has revealed that a low calorie lunch can work against their efforts of weight loss.

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A research report published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has revealed that consuming the bulk of your daily calories in the lunch instead of dinner helps reduce weight slowly but surely.

The study was conducted on 80 obese women between the age of 18 and 45 years. Some women were made to consume 50% of their daily calories in the lunch and the rest had 50% of their daily calories in the dinner for a period of 12 weeks. 

Apart from this, the calories were divided in such a way that their diet was high on carbs but low on saturated fats. To be specific 17% of the calories in their diet was sourced from protein, 23% was derived from fat, 60% came from carbs and 400 grams was taken as fibers sourced from vegetables and fruits.

The participants were also asked to do light exercise such brisk walking for 60 minutes for 5 days every weak during the study.

The part of the team that ate 50% of the calories in their lunch benefited greatly. They were able to lose 13.5 pounds and also their BMI was reduced.

Why a heavy is better than a heavy dinner?

The researchers found that the group having heavy lunch had lower levels of fasting insulin in comparison to those who took majority of their calories in dinner. The lunch group could keep in check the blood sugar levels. This means that they did not feel too hungry soon after having their meals.

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The weight loss was big in case of the participants because they were already obese right from the beginning. If you are not obese, you would not lose that much weight in a matter of 2 weeks by following this diet plan.

However, this study tells us a very important thing. Having a big meal in your lunch time will not only help you to control your weight, but also result in weight loss.

Weight loss and weight management depend on a wide range of factors. Any wrong approach can result in damage to one’s health and immunity. This requires you to take right steps to achieve your weight loss goals.

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