How to banish dry skin in winter?

Facing dry skin problems in this winter is not at all accepted. Winter takes away the softness, wetness, smoothness from skin and makes it dry and rough. Dryness makes skin very dull and takes away the beauty of the natural look. You can feel that your skin needs something very badly and that is softness. This happens due to the lack of water in your body. That is called dehydration of skin. There are so many home remedies to take care of your skin as well as make it beautiful by re-hydrating your skin.

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Some remedies for dry skin

  • Use milk and turmeric: When moisture is gone, your skin begins to be dry. Milk contains rich amounts of fat that helps the skin to recover its lost moisture. Milk moisturizes from dryness and turmeric protects your. Basically the lactic acid present in milk, is a good exfoliating agent which exfoliates the dryness of skin. It helps the skin to remove the dead cells and to come out the new ones. Turmeric protects skin from bacteria or any other infection.
  • Avoid hot water bath: In the winter season or in cold we all want to take bath with hot water or love to stand under the hot shower. But this should not be done. Hot water dries out your skin by breaking down the lipid barriers. So it’s better to take gentle warm or lukewarm water to prevent dry skin problem.
  • Try to stay hydrated: Drinking plenty of water is very important to stay hydrated. Drinking more water or liquid, like juice, makes your body to work properly and keep your skin normal. For extra smoothness and softness of your skin, try cucumber or lemon with your drink or water.
  • Eat vitamin C: Vitamin C is the main vitamin to protect your skin. It helps to boost the production of your body’s collagen. Collagen is a protein that maintains skin and other connective tissues. Fruits are loaded with full of vitamin C. Hence, in cold season, take lots of fruits to get a healthy skin and keep away from dryness.
  • Eat healthy fat food: Take fat healthy foods as much as you can. It will balance your body oil to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Use cream or lotion: In winter season or in cold we lose our skin’s natural softness. It becomes dry. So every day using moisturizer, cream or lotion or oil helps you to protect your skin from dryness.


Our body produces oil that keeps our skin protected and prevents it from getting dry. In winter season, too much bathing, excess rubbing or certain medical conditions like psoriasis or eczema can be the cause of your dry rough skin. When you go to the best dermatologist in Delhi you would know that when body needs water, it becomes dry. Skin becomes dehydrated. In fact, excessive dry skin not only makes you look older, but also gives way to microscopic cracks on the surface through which bacteria can enter the body and lead to skin infections. So, taking care of your skin is very important with the help of the best skin care clinics in Delhi on time.

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