How to Get Rid of Hair on Legs Permanently

Do you love to flaunt your legs, but only stay back because of coarse hair growth or fairly noticeable body hair on the legs? Well, the fact is that you are not alone with the problem, and many other women get this problem. However, your personal preferences, and sometimes dressing styles and profession demands, that you get smooth and hairless legs to flaunt. And in the search of ways to get hairless smooth legs, there are some home remedies discussed, which can help you get a permanent reduction in the hair growth and recurrence.

Raw papaya paste

Raw papaya facial

This is an excellent exfoliating and hair removing agent. There is an enzyme in raw papaya, and it is called papain. Due to this enzyme the hair gets loose from the root, and sheds off. To apply it, you will have to crush the papaya, or simply shop it and make it’s paste in a grinder. Next, you will have to mix a little gram flour, a little turmeric powder, some mustard paste, few drops of mustard oil, and make that into a paste.

Apply that on your legs in the direction of hair growth, and let it dry. When it’s half dry, place a waxing strip kind of cloth like jeans on the legs, and let it fully dry. Next, pull off the cloth in the opposite direction of hair growth. The hair will be fully removed. Next, wash off the legs, and apply some body oil to feel smooth and hairless legs.

Turmeric hair removal paste

hair remova in delhi

You will have to mix 1 part of gram flour, 1 part of rice or oat flour, with 8 parts of turmeric powder and mix it well. Then you will have to make it into a thick paste or slurry with milk. The next steps will be similar to the way you apply the papaya paste, and you would get smooth and hairless, soft skin on legs after that.

The sugar and lemon wax

Sugar and lemon scrub

The blend of sugar, honey and lemon has always worked its charm for hair removal, and this formula still continues to be the favorite of women all over. To make the wax you will have to heat 1 teaspoon honey and 1 teaspoon lemon juice, and then add 1 tablespoon sugar to it. Make it into thick glue. You may add water to alter consistency. Then you will have to apply corn starch on the legs, and apply the wax over it while it’s still warm. The next step will be putting the cloth on it, and waiting for drying the mixture to pull off in the reverse direction of hair growth. Instantly you would discover smooth and hairless legs.

Permanent Hair Removal Treatment

laser hair reduction in Delhi

The downside of these methods is that you would have to repeat them once hair re-grows, as none would make the hair stop fully from growing. Hence to invest time and money only once and get permanent hair removal you may also try laser hair removal. At Skin Plus, we use Diode Laser Technology, the gold standard in laser hair removal. The laser energy penetrates deep into the dermis where the hair follicles are located, allowing homogeneous distribution and eventually destroying the follicles.

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