How to get rid of oily skin instantly

Oily skin can be a total spoil fun when you are partying, off for a photo shoot, or attending a meeting or the office conference for the whole day. Any whole day affair, where your skin makeup and face powder would wear off gradually through the day, and give way to exposure of bare skin, would give in way to skin oils to come out. And in some people this oozing out of skin oils and oil production is too much, that makes the whole face look like a frying pan. Oily skin, in fact invites other skin problems like acne and pimples etc.

But don’t be disappointed, as this can be managed well with both home remedies and some clinical treatments. Many people have found relief from extra oily skin, and you can also by trying the following.


  • Egg whites


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This is an excellent skin tone, improving and skin pore tightening product. Besides the high Vitamin A content in Egg whites helps control the skin oils. You need to whip the egg white well, and apply it on skin, and wait for it to dry. Keep it for some time and wash off. You may also mix some lemon juice to it for extra anti-inflammatory effects and better oil balancing.


  • Lemon juice


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Lemon juice itself is a great oil balancer for skin, and moreover reduces acne highly. You simply need to apply the lemon juice by mixing it with a little water, and apply on the skin with cotton. Leave for 10-15 mins before washing off. After washing instantly you should protect the skin with some oil free moisturizer.


  • Yoghurt



Yoghurt can be applied on skin in two ways. Either you apply it plain, or you may make a mixture of yoghurt, oatmeal, and warm honey and apply that on face. You will have to leave it for 10-15 mins before rinsing off. Try this daily to see the big difference. The oiliness of skin would be much controlled while acne and pimples would be lessened.


  • Tomatoes



Tomatoes do a two way effect on oily skin. The first is by tightening pores of the skin due to the astringent effect of tomatoes. The next is by absorbing skin oils through the vitamin C content of tomato. Tomato also helps in improving skin tone. You need to take out tomato juice, apply on skin, leave for 10-15 mins, and the rinse off. You my apply this daily for a soft and supple oil free skin.

  • Finally

If you find that trying these home remedies did not help much, then you always have the way out to visit the best skin specialist in Delhi, by making an appointment at the best skin care clinic in Delhi.  It’s a must that you take care of the skin on time, so that blemishes and spots from acne and pimples etc, do not line up the skin due to the excessive oil. The best cosmetic clinic in Delhi is a great savior in helping people with the problems, get total solution and relief for life.

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