How to Look After Your Skin Post Laser Hair Removal?

Many people are using shaving, tweezing, or waxing to get rid of unwanted body hair. However, with the decline in cost and advanced cosmetic procedures, many people are now looking for painless and permanent hair removal using a laser. Laser treatment is used to get rid of unwanted hair in arm pits, on hands, on the face and even all over the body to improve natural beauty.

hair remova in delhi

It is necessary to choose the best laser hair removal clinic in Delhi for removing unwanted hair. The clinic should have trained and qualified physicians and technicians to perform hair removal using the appropriate laser.

For example, the best laser hair removal clinic in Delhi utilizes ND Yag laser treatment for removing hair on the dark skin, and Diode laser for hair removal on the wheatish skin.

The services offered by the Skin Plus Clinic include full body hair removal, bikini line hair removal, under arm hair removal, legs hair removal, and facial hair removal. Some women grow mustaches like men and look awkward. Such hair on the face can be easily removed and improve natural beauty and makes look more feminine. Your boyfriend really loves you post laser hair removal treatment.

The latest and new 3 in 1 laser machines available at Skin Plus clinic are utilized to remove the unwanted hair painlessly. Before undergoing the treatment, you need to choose the best clinic and make a visit to find the full body laser hair removal cost in Delhi. It helps to take a smart decision for removing the hair permanently using a laser. It is highly recommended for actresses, celebrities, high profile executives mostly women.

It is suggested enquiring the cost of laser hair removal treatment in your nearest Skin Plus Clinic and choose the lowest and best clinic for your needs.  It is also suggested to read user reviews to know about the laser hair removal.

How to care for the skin after hair removal using a laser?

The treatment session varies from 45 minutes to 2 hours. You may need to attend 5 to 6 sessions for fully body hair removal. The hair follicles are targeted and killed during the laser hair removal treatment. It is suggested using sun screen to protect your skin post hair removal. It is also advised to reduce exposure to sun light.

You should not use heat treatments on your body for 24 to 48 hours because it may open up the pores and causes discomfort and irritation. Therefore, you are advised to avoid hot saunas, hot baths, hot showers and steam rooms after undergoing the hair removal.

Aloe Vera extract

You can apply for brief periods on the treated skin to reduce irritation and discomfort. It is suggested not to apply the anti-acne creams on the treated skin. You may only use mineral makeup if necessary.

You can apply pure Aloe Vera Gel to the treated area to get immediate relief. It reduces swelling and redness.  It is advised not engage in strenuous exercises for few days after the hair removal.

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