How to Protect Your Hair from Effects of Pollution

Whether you live in a small or a big city, pollution is something which is common for every place. Perhaps, only far away villages have some freedom from air pollution, but the rest of the places have to face the variety of challenges posed by pollution. The dust, smoke, grime and high concentration of harmful gases are threat to our well-being.

One of the side effects of pollution is damaged hair. When the air is not clean it directly affects the quality of hair. The harmful suspended particles in hair rob the hair of its natural lustre and shine. The poor quality air cannot also affect the sensitive scalps causing problems like itching and dandruff. Studies have shown that air pollution can also cause massive hair fall if exposed to pollution for a long time.

Here is how you can deal with pollution and minimise its ill effect on your hair:

  • Wash your hair regularly

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Whether you stay at home or work, air pollution will have the same effect on your hair, perhaps a bit more if you stay more time in the outdoors. Wash your hair daily or at least on the alternate days with a mild shampoo which has natural ingredients. Also, condition your hair with a herbal conditioner that is suitable for your hair. There are several shampoos available in the market that are clarifying or meant to fight pollution.

  • Cleanse and clarify your scalp

Hair Treatment Clinics in Delhi

To maintain good hair you have to pay attention to your scalp. When you wash your hair, make sure that you mess are your scalp with the shampoo. This will help in cleansing your scalp better and remove grind and dirt clogging the pores of your scalp. Also, it will also remove any styling products that you may have applied on your hair.

Don’t forget to rinse your hair and scalp thoroughly to remove shampoo and conditioner. Comb your hair two to three times every day with a wooden comb. This has a very good effect on your scalp as it helps in increasing blood circulation.

  • Cover up

Hair Treatment Clinics in Delhi

Just as you protect your body from the harsh ultraviolet rays by applying sunscreen, your hair also needs a sun protection. Try to make use of products that come with SPF coverage. This will help your head with the necessary protection from ultraviolet rays and other pollutants. If you ride a two wheeler or travel by bus or train, it is best to cover your head with a scarf or a cap because your hair also needs protection from harsh wind.

  • Avoid chemical treatments and styling products

Hair Treatment Clinics in Delhi

Don’t undergo chemical treatments like perming, coloring, straightening, bleaching, etc. as these weaken the hair and destroy your hair’s natural ability to fight with pollution and allergies. Styling products are also not good for your hair and scalp. Avoid using them as much as you can. Hair oils, gels and sprays attract pollutants which stick to your hair. Even if you apply them, cleanse your hair well once you are back.

If you are suffering from hair loss, professional help may be necessary.  Hair Loss Treatment will help cure the hair loss and help you get back thick hair. Skin Plus Hair Treatment Clinics in Delhi offer hair treatments that help in overcoming the hair issue caused due to pollution with the help of range of advanced treatments.

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