How to protect your skin from pollution

There are a lot of ways to protect your soft and delicate skin from pollution. While many people have this notion, that talking of skin means essentially the facial skin only, it’s not so actually. Rather by skin it’s meant to be the whole covering of skin tissue on the entire body. And while caring you cannot care for a patch, and have to care for the whole. Thus it should be a complete skin care.

There are parts of the body which are exposed to pollution, dirt, grease, radiation etc in different ways and in different intensities. Thus the different parts with various skin types suffer from varying levels of damage to pollution. Hence, one of the best ways is to learn about every part, it’s extent of damage, and then about how you can care for.

The skin of the feet


The feet need a scrub once a week. The skin on the heel may crack badly due to sun damage and pollution. And to protect you must scrub off, and even peel some hard and dry skin with a skin peeler. This will bring out the inner soft skin outside, and make the feet feel much fresher. Massage with a feet cream to keep the cleansed feet soft.

The skin of the hands

The skin of the hands

The hands have the skin which gets the first wrinkles when signs of ageing start to appear. That is why special care with UV block creams need to be taken for the hands. You must scrub the hands once every day at bath time. And you may apply aloe Vera gel, and vitamin E enriched creams on hands for a daily massage to keep the pollution factor away.

The skin of the body

The skin of the body

The skin of the body needs a daily cleaning. Use soaps in private parts and arm pits to keep bacteria from breeding and sweat smell away. And to keep the pollution damage away, apply bath salt on body once or twice a week, and also use a body scrubber. There are many exfoliation gels and bathing gels available, and some even comes with aroma therapy elements. These are good to restore the skin’s natural pH balance back.

The skin of the face

facial rejuvenation

The facial skin needs more care than other body parts. Cleansing, toning and washing have to be the routine for the skin on face every single day. Besides always apply a sunscreen cream on face and neck while facing sun, and use a good night cream that will restore the damage done during the day by sun and pollution.

The hair

hair fall2

Though the hair is not proper skin, but forms an essential part of the cutaneous membrane of the body. Thus to make sure that the skin under the hair, that is the skin on the scalp stays healthy from pollution effects, you must wash your hair and scalp twice a week and occasionally give a hot oil massage.

If you feel that whatever you are doing isn’t enough in restoring the pollution related skin damage, then you can always visit a skin specialist in Delhi.

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