How To Remove Unwanted Hair Permanently

Besides laser hair removal which is the most effective and permanent solution, here are a few ways to remove hair or thin off hair, as you apply and repeat these home remedies a few times.

Unwanted hair is a common problem in both men and women. As you grow up, and mature, you get not just unwanted hair in private areas, but also on the forearms, back and shoulders. This may grow thick and dark, and cause enough embarrassment. The easiest way is to wax or shave off. But these are repetitive processes. And you may not have time to do them again and again. Hence, if you can sit with any of these permanent unwanted hair removal remedies you would be happiest.

The home remedies for removing unwanted body hair

Here are the 3 most popular home remedies which gave many people positive results in removing hair effectively.

Papaya therapy

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You have to mix raw papaya crush and crushed turmeric root in equal portions, and apply the mixture in all areas having course unwanted hair. Let it sit for some 20 mins, and then wash off with lukewarm to normal water. This helps thin the hair after by weekly applications.

Turmeric patches

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Turmeric paste and gram flour has to be combined in equal portions, and the sesame oil is used to stir a paste of it. Then you have to apply this paste on all areas of unwanted body hair in patches. Let it dry and sit for 30 mins, and then you have to rinse it off by massaging the skin patch lightly.

Honey lemon wax

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The wax made of honey, lemon and sugar is very popular as this rips off all unwanted hair. Sugar, honey and lemon, all are mixed a tablespoon each or more if you need, and boiled together on indirect heat to make a thick paste. This paste is then applied on skin, and covered with a waxing cloth. When, it’s fully dry, pull of the cloth at once, to rip off unwanted hair from the base.

Laser therapy permanent laser hair removal

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Besides these home remedies, one very effective solution is to get rid of unwanted hair permanently for life by laser treatment. There are clinics for permanent laser hair removal in Delhi. Here certified professionals would deal with permanent hair reduction Delhi. This is a one guaranteed hair removal technique, which has no serious side effects, is pain free, effective, and is totally safe when you are doing it for the best laser hair removal clinic in Delhi.

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