How to take care of dry hair in winter

You should be taking care of the hair in every season to avoid hair fall, dandruff, excess oily scalp, dryness, etc. But winter comes with a lot more challenges for the hair’s health. The season is extremely dry, and brings into air more dust and suspended particles than other times of the year, thus making the environment cold and rough. Hence, one has to be more careful with hair care. Some of the best winter hair care tips are here.

Shampooing often

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The normal hair care actually gets more intense when winter arrives. The best way to keep hair clean is by shampooing. Normally you shampoo 2-3 times a week or less often. But in winter you may have to shampoo more often to keep the tangled hair, dust free every time you come back from an outing.

Don’t forget to condition

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Care must be taken after shampooing much more than other times of the year. Shampoo generally renders the hair shafts clean and dry. Cleanliness is desired, but not dryness. Hence, to avoid dryness you need to condition the hair well. A good conditioner is thus much needed.

Apply a hair mask

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A hair mask actually strengthens and smoothens the hair, and lets the silky twirls get back in shape. Your hair looks lustrous, and feels much softer. But avoid applying it on the scalp, and only apply on hair strands to keep the hair protected from breaking. A mask once a week is a good idea.

No hair dryer in winter

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Always let the hair get dry in air. Air drying is safest in winter to avoid hair damage. The more you apply a hair dryer the more you invite trouble for the hair. And therefore you must make sure that you don’t ever dry the hair with a hair dryer in winter.

Caution with curling wands and straighteners


Be extra cautious while using a hair styling iron or hair curling wand or some hair straightener. These machines use heat on the hair to give the desired shape, and in winter they can frizz the hair or fry the hair too much to damage them totally. Hence, if you are using any such machine, you must make sure that you use some sort of hair conditioner, or protecting cream on the hair before and after using the iron.

Hot oil treatment

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It’s much essential that you pamper your hair with a hot oil treatment, so that the hair is saved from extensive winter damage. Once in a week hot oil massage is quite important for the hair and healthy scalp. It nourishes the hair, and makes it soft and smooth.

If you are suffering from extensive hair damage in winter, and the hair is falling off really fast to scare you that you may go bald, then you possibly need a serious form of treatment. Hair fall treatment in Delhi is now quite much affordable. At Skin Plus clinic, We are offering the best hair fall treatment in Delhi NCR so that common man can find a reliable place for hair loss treatment. Book Appointment with our top-notch Dermatologists Dr. D.M Mahajan to know about anything and everything that is troubling you.

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