How To Take Care Of Your Long Hair

Having long hair and unable to manage it properly?

Welcome to the club where there is long list of beautiful ladies who have been bestowed by long hair but handling them has become the hardest task. Getting long hair is something that everyone desires. Every girl who has long hair must have worked really hard on them. However, having long hair that is healthy as well is something that you cannot get naturally.Hair Fall 1


Your hair is just like your beloved partner. They need a love of pampering and care. You need to look after them every day and give them special care. Here are few beauty hacks that can help you change your long hair game and make it stronger than it ever was.

Oiling your hair is the most life changing hack that has done miracles for many. If you look at the hair strength of someone who oils their hair regularly then you will notice a great deal of difference from those who don’t oil their hair. The best oil that you can use is coconut oil and mustard oil.

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However, you must take into note that if you have oily scalp then you must not use oil on your scalp. This is one problem that is not cleared to many. If you notice acne on your face and extremely oily scalp then you must avoid any sort of oil on your scalp.

You should also wash your hair every alternate day. This will cleanse away all dirt and freshen up your scalp. Also, use a very mild herbal shampoo if possible. Using heavy chemicals on your hair is way too dangerous for your hair.

Another brilliant habit that you should inculcate in your routine is combing your hair for at least 2-3 minutes before going to sleep. Make sure you are using a comb that has wide teeth and do at least 50-60 strands of combing every day. That will regulate the blood flow in your scalp and that will enrich the hair roots with valuable nutrients.

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There is one magic homemade treatment as well that will work wonders on your damaged hair!

Ready to learn about it? Warning – Don’t make creepy faces after reading this but the best homemade conditioner for your hair is – Eggs. Apply the egg on your wet hair after shampooing them and leave it for 20-30 minutes. Beware it won’t smell flowers like the usual conditioners. To avoid this smell you can wrap up your hair with a towel or scarf. After you wash and dry your hair, you will notice a shine that would never come with any product in the market.

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These are some handpicked treasured advice for you to take care of your long hair. If you are wondering what to do if you are having major hair loss then you must consult hair treatment clinics in Delhi and the best choice for you would be hands down Skin Plus. Hair fall treatment in Delhi can aid you and rescue you for all your hair troubles.

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