How To Wash Your Face The Right Way

It depends a lot on how you wash your face, that’s how the skin will be now, and after a few years too. If you are serious about maintaining the health and glow in your skin, then you must be serious about cleansing the skin the proper way. This involves washing the face in the right way. Many people do not know the art of washing the face properly, and thinks it’s just a matter of splashing water onto the face. However, it is not so. The face needs more care, and more attention than just those few splashes of water in a day. And both men and women must know how to take care of the face the best, so that they may avoid some face skin problems that every urban dweller gets with time.

How to wash the facial skin

How to wash the facial skin

To wash your face you should always use a mild soap or cleanser. This should be water soluble. It’s not important that how much lather the soap is making, rather, it’s important that the cleanser contains little or no soap. There are many in the market that you may choose. Some have a chemical preparation, and some are herbal preparations. Depending on your skin type, and the skin allergies you may know, you should select one.

In fact, you must go for a strong cleanser with lemon and honey, if you have a T-zone oily skin. In case of very oily skin also lemon based cleansers works good, and keeps the skin oil free for long.

  • Take enough cleanser on your palm that may cover the entire face in a thin film.
  • Wet it with water and apply onto the skin.
  • Gently massage all over the skin, and avoid rinsing it near the tear line of the eyes or near the nostrils.
  • Don’t let the face wash enter your mouth.
  • After rubbing and forming a lather with gentle circular massages, wash it with gentle splashes of water.
  • Finally put a soft cotton towel all over the face and pat it dry.

Care must be taken that you remember to scrub the face once in a week or fortnight. Scrubbing is really necessary so that the dead skin cells can be removed from your superficial skin layer. This gives in the layer underneath the chance to come above, and this fresh layer is always soft, supple and healthy with the glow.

Facial skin problems you may avoid

Facial skin problems you may avoid

If you care for your skin the right way, and wash it every day, then you may avoid many skin problems like pimples, acne, rashes, and excess oily skin. In fact the oil and dirt that sits on the Derm pores through your sessions on the polluted streets, or just through a busy day, build the environment for germ buildup and skin problems. With a clear wash every night or every day at bath time, you may avoid the problems a lot. If you are still facing problems with the skin, you may find the best skin care clinic in Delhi to take consultations. A good clinic will certainly have the best skin specialist  in their panel of consultants and doctors.

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