Is Mesotherapy Effective for Hair Loss? Does it Promote New Hair?

Mesotherapy refers to the technique that intends rejuvenating your skin and remove excessive fat under the skin layers. Today, this technique has been used for removing cellulite under the under the skin as well. With the advent of age, we tend to gain loose skin. Saggy skin texture gradually forms wrinkles. In orders to get tightened and glowing skin texture, one needs to undergo the Mesotherapy in Delhi. Now, the question is should you try this technique for hair loss prevention as well? The technique follows injecting enzymes, vitamins and hormones under the skin layer. The same thing can be applied to scalp for hair rejuvenation.

Hair loss treatment in Delhi

A Guide to Mesotherapy Technique

If you are looking for Mesotherapy for hair loss in Delhi, you need to gather some basic knowledge on this technique. What does this technique follow? Well, it follows a few simple things. With the advent of our age, hormonal secretion becomes irregular. Due to poor eating habit, our body lacks enough nutrients, like vitamins and minerals. In such condition, injecting the vitamins and minerals to the skin layer will rejuvenate the skin. This is what exactly mesotherapy does. The process is simple, and it does not need a lot of preparations or checkups before the treatment.

Not just vitamins or minerals and hormones, various other substances are injected to the skin layer for the skin rejuvenation or hair texture rejuvenation. Here are the things that can be injected through the mesotherapy process.

  • Prescription antibiotics can be injected to treat certain skin or scalp related issues or problems.
  • Herbal extracts can also be injected to rejuvenated scalp so that hair texture and quality gets better.
  • Various enzymes are injected through the mesotherapy treatment so that natural blood flow can be restored and that will help in scalp rejuvenation.

Cost of Mesotherapy Treatment


For preventing hair loss, mesotherapy is often used as a cosmetic medical therapy. Earlier, such therapies used to be quite costly. Today, it is no more costly. In Delhi, it is available at the affordable budget so that everyone can undergo the treatment for hair as well as skin rejuvenation. If you are facing rapid hair fall issues and you are tired of trying different therapies, Mesotherapy could be the last resort for you. Mesotherapy cost in Delhi depends upon the patients condition.

Effectiveness of Mesotherapy

Effectiveness of Mesotherapy varies from one person to another person. For some people, it results dramatically. For some people, the result may be satisfactory though not dramatic. It depends on the body of the person. Nevertheless, proper mix of hormones, enzymes and vitamins will actually help you to attain the best result. So, how the treatment is done has been regarded as the major factor behind the success of this treatment. So, it is imperative to find a professional clinic where such treatments have been offered by certified and experienced doctors. When hair fall is extreme for you, trying Mesotherapy treatment could resolve the problem to a large extent.

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