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What is Juvederm?

Juvederm is a non-surgical filler which is approved by FDA and it effectively smooths moderate to deep wrinkles with instant results. It is very useful in dealing with smile lines and wrinkled lips. This filler can make the lips plump and restore their lost volume.

Juvederm is basically hyaluronic acid that is created in the laboratory with the help of biosynthesis. As such hyaluronic acid is also produced in the body naturally. That is why it is well-tolerated by the body, which eliminates the need to take an  allergy test by the patient before they receive the treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which areas can be treated most effectively with Juvederm?

Juvederm is best for treating mild to severe folds or wrinkles in the skin. It can smooth fine line and the other around the nose, forehead, and mouth. It can provide a very youthful appearance as it is great for facial contouring and eliminating scars similar to those left by acne. It is excellent for enhancing the look of your lips. Patients can experience distinct improvement after going throughthis treatment.

What is the downtime for Juvederm treatment?

The best part of this treatment is the instant results. There is no downtime and patients can return to work as soon as the session is over. Some patients do experience a bit of soreness in the area where the filler is injected, but that goes away very fast.

Is this treatment the right one for my needs?

Juvederm is an answer to anybody who is not happy with the signs of aging such as wrinkle and folds on the facial skin. If you desire for fuller lips and feel that you need a treatment for the same, Juvederm is just right for you.

It is a long-term solution, but will not last throughout your life. This means you can always choose for other treatments later if you desire.

Who should opt for Juvederm?

Juvederm is perfect for the patients who are looking for a non-surgical method to get rid of aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines and shriveled lips.

If you want plump or fuller lips, this treatment is for you.



It is a non-surgical process and is great for providing a rejuvenated look.

There is no major discomfort caused because of this treatment. It is possible because this filler has a component that is a localized pain reliever. This allows the patients a painless experience.

The look achieved because of this treatment is absolutely natural.

It has a gel like consistency unlike other filler which are granular. That is why it is capable of imparting a fresh and natural look to your face.

One can experience almost instant results and most of the times only one sitting is enough for ironing out lines and wrinkles.

Juvederm Dermal Filler Treatment in Delhi

Our consultant will conduct a thorough examination and decide if Juvederm would be the right treatment for you. Being professionals with wide experience and deep knowledge in the field of cosmetic treatment, we are in the right position to offer you the best treatment plan.

Understanding your cosmetic goals, we may offer some additional treatments.

It takes only 15 minutes to administer the dermal filler and the entire process can be completed well within half an hour. It’s a short lunch time procedure and there is no down time involved.

Juvederm Filler cost in Delhi will depend on the number of sittings required.



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